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This is a comments thread about Blog Post: FSM Catalog—Low Quantities Report, Part 1, The Early Years by Lukas Kendall
 Posted:   Sep 15, 2011 - 6:07 PM   
 By:   Guy   (Member)

Thanks for the updates Lukas !

 Posted:   Sep 21, 2011 - 3:49 PM   
 By:   dnaden   (Member)

Through Screen Archives, I have purchased many FSM discs. I am truly sorry that you have decided to cease CD have provided CDs of many excellent film scores that would otherwise be unavailable. It is my hope that you will have the opportunity to properly finance FSM...or its the near future, and resume the business in some form or other.

As far as CDs being obsolete, I must whole-heartedly disagree with your assessment. While many do prefer direct downloads in a variety of formats--including MP3, WAV, etc.--many of us who enjoy film music, symphonic/orchestral music, etc. do prefer having the real CD and liner notes. I believe that will not change anytime soon.

Good luck in all your future endeavors!

David S. Naden, MMus
"Failure is NOT an option!"

 Posted:   Oct 19, 2011 - 10:28 AM   
 By:   Kokusai   (Member)

Hope that old adage about one door closing, another opening applies. I'm sending this from the netherworld as I once stated that "Beneath the 12-Mile Reef" would let me die happy.
You obliged. 'Prince Valiant" and the Nat King Cole "Raintree County" reunion helped. Success to you in all your endeavors.

Alex von Hauffe

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