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The latest release from Quartet is an expanded and remastered CD of Jerry Goldsmith's Oscar-nominated score for 1973's true-life prison escape drama PAPILLON, starring Steve McQueen and Dustin Hoffman and directed by one of the composer's most valued collaborators, Franklin J. Schaffner (Planet of the Apes, Patton).

Intrada plans to release one new two-CD set next week.

For Los Angeles-area moviegoers, the New Beverly Cinema has announced their July screening schedule, including their continuation of "Sci-Fi Summer," with the accent on Michael Crichton (yay!) and midnight Cronenberg screenings. Films screened next month include a week-long run of Bong Joon Ho's brand new Okja (screening in 35mm, though it was shot digitally), as well as The Last Starfighter (July 1-2), Videodrome (July 1), Jurassic Park (July 8-9), The Fly [1986] (July 8), Snowpiercer/Lifeforce [the longer, all-Mancini cut] (July 9-10), Westworld/Runaway (July 14-15), Innerspace (July 15-16), Rabid (July 15), The Andromeda Strain/The Terminal Man (July 21-22), SpaceCamp (July 22-23), Scanners (July 22), and Total Recall/The Running Man (July 28)

Our own Joe Sikoryak has informed me of this interesting update to the Grammys' rules regarding their soundtrack-related categories (see below the fold):

Two changes were made to the rules governing this field.
1. Regarding Best Song Written For Visual Media
It has long been policy that entrants may submit only one version of a song across all categories in which it is entered.  While that policy still holds for all other categories, in Best Song Written For Visual Media, the particular version of the song that was used in the visual medium may be entered, and a different version (e.g., a radio edit) may be entered in other categories.
2.Regarding Best Compilation Soundtrack
In order to be eligible for GRAMMY consideration, a qualifying soundtrack album for a documentary, biopic, or a work which combines the two forms, must now contain 51% or more of newly recorded music.  Category placement will be determined by the predominant nature of the newly recorded music -- song or score-featured in the visual medium, and the visual medium must also predominantly feature new recordings.
A soundtrack album which is a greatest hits/career retrospective is not eligible.
Additionally, the soundtracks of musical documentaries which are primarily “making of” works are no longer eligible in this category. 


Baywatch - Christopher Lennertz - La La Land
The Big Sick - Michael Andrews - Varese Sarabande
Le Hasard et la Violence
 - Michel Colombier - Music Box
L'Homme en Colere/Un Papillon Sur L'Epaule
 - Claude Bolling - Music Box
Lost in Florence - Wendy Blackstone - The Florence Blues [CD-R]
The Mummy
 - Brian Tyler - Backlot
Puppet on a Chain
 - Piero Piccioni - Silva
Rodin - Philippe Sarde - Cristal (import)


The Bad Batch -  no original score - Soundtrack CD due July 21 on Lakeshore
A Beginner's Guide to Snuff - Kevin Kerrigan
The Beguiled - Phoenix
The Big Sick - Michael Andrews - Score CD on Varese Sarabande
I Am a Teacher - Pavel Akimkin
The Journey - Stephen Warbeck
Moka - Christian Garcia, Gregoire Hetzel
My Journey through French Cinema - Bruno Coulais
Nobody Speaks: Trials of the Free Press - Garron Chang
Ripped - Aaron R. Kaplan
Score: A Film Music Documentary - Ryan Taubert
Transformers: The Last Knight - Steve Jablonsky - Score CD due July 11 on La-La Land


June 30
...Continuavano A Chiamario Trinita
 - Guido & Maurizio De Angelis - Digitmovies
Dawn of War III - Paul Leonard-Morgan - Sumthing Else
Generation Iron 2
 - Jeff Rona - Milan
House of Cards: Season 5 - Jeff Beal - Varese Sarabande
Il Sesso Della Strega
 - Daniele Patucchi - Digitmovies
It Comes at Night 
- Brian McOmber - Milan
Rabbit & Rogue (ballet score) 
- Danny Elfman - Sony
July 7
The Basil Poledouris Collection Vol. 2 - Basil Poledouris - Dragon's Domain
A Ghost Story 
- Daniel Hart - Milan
John Williams: Themes and Transcriptions for Piano  John Williams - Varese Sarabande
Sky Pirates - Brian May - Dragon's Domain
Spider-Man: Homecoming 
- Michael Giacchino - Sony
The Sun Also Rises - Joe Hisaishi - Milan (import)
July 14
Black Mirror: San Junipero
 - Clint Mansell - Lakeshore
Finding Oscar - John Stirrat, Paul Pilot - Decor (import)
Transformers: The Last Knight - Steve Jablonsky - La-La Land
2:22 - Lisa Gerrard, James Orr - Varese Sarabande
War Machine
 - Nick Cave, Warren Ellis - Lakeshore
July 21
American Gods - Brian Reitzell - Milan
Dunkirk - Hans Zimmer - WaterTower
Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets - Alexandre Desplat - Europacorp
War for the Planet of the Apes 
- Michael Giacchino - Sony
July 28
The Emoji Movie - Patrick Doyle - Sony (import)
Genius - Lorne Balfe - Milan
The Handmaid's Tale - Adam Taylor - Lakeshore
August 4 
The Dark Tower - Tom Holkenborg - Sony
Free Fire - Geoff Barrow, Ben Salibury - Lakeshore
Robin Hood - George Bruns - Disney
Wind River - Nick Cave, Warren Ellis - Lakeshore
August 11
Good Time - Oneohtrix Point Never - Warp
September 8
Twin Peaks: The Event Series - Angelo Badalamenti - Rhino
Date Unknown
Il Relitto - Angelo Francesco Lavagnino - Alhambra
La Morte Vestita Di Dollari
 - Carlo Savina - Kronos
Le Bureau Des Legendes
 - Rob - Music Box
Nikola Tesla
 - Alfo Kabiljo - Kronos
Nude...Si Muore
 - Carlo Savina - Beat
- Jerry Goldsmith - Quartet
Sharkansas Women's Prison Massacre - Chuck Cirino - Kritzerland
Sono Pazzo Di Iris Blond
 - Lele Marchitelli - Beat
Un Reietto Delle Isole
 - Mario Nascimbene - Kronos


June 23 - Peter Knight born (1917)
June 23 - Rolf Wilhelm born (1927)
June 23 - Francis Shaw born (1942)
June 23 - Bernard Herrmann begins recording his score for The Snows of Kilimanjaro (1952)
June 23 - Yann Tiersen born (1970)
June 23 - Howard Shore begins recording his score to The Fly (1986)
June 23 - Carlo Savina died (2002)
June 23 - Allyn Ferguson died (2010)
June 23 - Fred Steiner died (2011)
June 24 - David Rose born (1910)
June 24 - Jeff Beck born (1944)
June 24 - Patrick Moraz born (1948)
June 24 - Anja Garbarek born (1970)
June 24 - Maurice Jarre begins recording his score for The Setting Sun (1991)
June 25 - Carly Simon born (1945)
June 25 - Victor Young begins recording his score for Shane (1952)
June 25 - Wolfram de Marco born (1966)
June 25 - Maurice Jarre begins recording his score for The Mackintosh Man (1973)
June 26 - John Greenwood born (1889)
June 26 - Dave Grusin born (1934)
June 26 - George Bassman died (1997)
June 27 - Nelson Riddle begins recording his score for Batman (1966)
June 28 - Richard Rodgers born (1902)
June 28 - Ken Wannberg born (1930)
June 28 - Nora Orlandi born (1933)
June 28 - Bjorn Isfalt born (1942)
June 28 - Charlie Clouser born (1963)
June 28 - George Duning's score for the Star Trek episode "Metamorphosis" is recorded (1967)
June 28 - Lalo Schifrin records “Underground,” his final episode score for the original Mission: Impossible (1972)
June 28 - Malcolm Lockyer died (1976)
June 28 - Paul Dessau died (1979)
June 28 - John Scott begins recording his score for North Dalls Forty (1979)
June 29 - Joseph Carl Breil born (1870)
June 29 - Bernard Herrmann born (1911)
June 29 - Ulpio Minucci born (1917)
June 29 - Ralph Burns born (1922)
June 29 - Daniele Amfitheatrof begins recording his score for The Painted Hills (1950)
June 29 - Lalo Schifrin records his score for the Mission: Impossible episode “Encore” (1971)
June 29 - Mischa Spoliansky died (1985)
June 29 - Bert Shefter died (1999)


DON VERDEAN - Ilan Eshkeri
"The feature, which was partially shot in several churches in Utah (!), is otherwise competently assembled, with Ilan Eshkeri's varied score and Anne Auernig's costumes the below-the-line standouts."
Boyd van Hoeij, Hollywood Reporter
MEDITERRANEA - Dan Rohmer, Benh Zeitlin
"Initial scenes in Libya and on the treacherous sea lack a score altogether. However, once in Italy, music and ambient sounds creep in, so that film form literally empathizes with the film’s characters by paralleling their newly felt freedoms."
Clayton Dillard, Slant Magazine

MUSTANG - Warren Ellis
"It’s directed with such an assured and sophisticated hand that it’s easy to forget this is Ergüven’s debut. Co-written with Alice Winocour (director and co-writer of this year’s 'Disorder'), it’s a haunting family drama in which every character is rendered with touching sensitivity. Even the conservative relatives against which Lale rails aren’t depicted wholly as villains, highlighting Ergüven’s keen awareness of the delicacy of family bonds. Add to that the stunning depiction of the hot, hazy Turkish climate and a brilliant soundtrack by frequent Nick Cave collaborator Warren Ellis, and you won’t be able to get this film out of your head for months."
Yasmin Sulaiman, The List

"Ergüven and cowriter Alice Winocour have a keen understanding of teenage impetuosity and adult cruelty, visually and aurally assisted by David Chizallet's fluid rack-focus cinematography and Warren Ellis’s sensuous score."
Andrea Gronvall, Chicago Reader

"It all begins innocently enough on the last day of school with an expression of adolescent jubilation that will resonate with viewers regardless of ethnicity or age. Lale and her older sisters -- Sonay (Ilayda Akdogan), Selma (Tugba Sunguroglu), Ece (Elit Iscan) and Nur (Doga Zeynep Doguslu) -- dash down to the beach to frolic in the Black Sea with a few of their male classmates. As they splash, swim and engage in chicken fights, the mood is playful but infused with an underlying tension, thanks in part to the hum of a low-key, synth score."
Christy Lemire,

"But if the performances are superbly naturalistic, Warren Ellis‘ score unobtrusively fitting, and David Chizallet and Ersin Gök‘s photography subtly poignant, Ergüven’s relative inexperience shows in other ways. The shooting of the football crowd scene is very obviously not at a football game, and so becomes an almost surreal moment in a film that does not really deal in surreality. Lale’s voiceover is often unnecessary -- with the young actress doing such wonders with her lovably truculent character, we don’t need any more reasons to root for Lale, we’re already there. Most importantly, time, duration, and cause-and-effect are not particularly well established, so the film staggers rather than flows, especially in the beginning when it’s simply difficult to understand how a culture so repressive can have fostered five such willful, mischievous girls in the first place, with eldest being in her mid-teens already. They feel a little more like Westernized, or at least urbanized children, who have suddenly been dropped into this rural backwater situation rather than natural products of an environment in which they’ve always lived."
Jessica Kiang, IndieWire

"Visuals are maturely fluent in keeping with current arthouse aesthetics, with a particularly satisfying interplay of energetic and confined camera movements reflecting the situation inside and outside the increasingly prison-like house. Mathilde Van de Moortel’s editing has a dexterous elasticity, building excitement and tension at just the right moments -- the soccer scenes feel over-the-top, yet they function as pressure-releasers, and the build-up to the finale, whatever its implausibility, gets the heart racing. Warren Ellis’ music further ties the pic to an identifiable international cinema scene."
Jay Weissberg, Variety
"Shot in unfettered, naturalistic style in the atmospheric locations, Mustang has something of a frontier feel, an aspect nourished by the melancholy score of Warren Ellis, the Nick Cave collaborator known for his work on such unconventional Westerns as 'The Proposition' and 'The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford.' But Erguven's film is also a suspenseful if somewhat improbable prison-break movie (albeit one that eschews standard devices of the genre), in which the oppressive wardens believe they are acting in the best interests of their charges."
David Rooney, Hollywood Reporter


Screenings of older films, at the following L.A. movie theaters: AMPASAmerican Cinematheque: AeroAmerican Cinematheque: EgyptianArclightLACMANew BeverlyNuartSilent Movie Theater and UCLA.

June 23
THE DARK CRYSTAL (Trevor Jones) [Cinematheque: Egyptian]
E.T. THE EXTRA-TERRESTRIAL (John Williams) [Cinematheque: Egyptian]
JENNIFER'S BODY (Theodore Shapiro, Stephen Barton) [Silent Movie Theater]
KIKI'S DELIVERY SERVICE (Joe Hisaishi) [Nuart]
KILL BILL VOL. 2 (The RZA, Robert Rodriguez) [New Beverly]
MONTEREY POP [Cinematheque: Aero]
X: THE MAN WITH THE X-RAY EYES (Les Baxter), THE MAN WITH TWO BRAINS (Joel Goldsmith) [New Beverly]

June 24
ALICE IN WONDERLAND (Bucky Searles) [Silent Movie Theater]
BARBARELLA (Bob Crewe, Charles Fox) [New Beverly]
FLASH GORDON (Queen, Howard Blake) [New Beverly]
HAROLD AND MAUDE (Cat Stevens) [Silent Movie Theater]
QUADROPHENIA (Pete Townsend), TOMMY (Pete Townsend) [Cinematheque: Aero]
TRON  (Wendy Carlos) [Cinematheque: Egyptian]
X: THE MAN WITH THE X-RAY EYES (Les Baxter), THE MAN WITH TWO BRAINS (Joel Goldsmith) [New Beverly]

June 25
BAMBI (Frank Churchill, Edward Plumb) [Cinematheque: Egyptian]
DON'T LOOK BACK [Cinematheque: Aero]
FLASH GORDON (Queen, Howard Blake) [New Beverly]
FREEWAY (Danny Elfman) [Silent Movie Theater]
MEETING PEOPLE IS EASY [Silent Movie Theater]
MY NEIGHBOR TOTORO (Joe Hisaishi) [Arclight Santa Monica]
MY NEIGHBOR TOTORO (Joe Hisaishi) [Arclight Sherman Oaks]
SMILE, DIGGSTOWN (James Newton Howard) [New Beverly]

June 26
MY NEIGHBOR TOTORO (Joe Hisaishi) [Arclight Sherman Oaks]
SHAUN OF THE DEAD (Daniel Mudford, Pete Woodhead) [Arclight Hollywood]
SMILE, DIGGSTOWN (James Newton Howard) [New Beverly]

June 27
MEETING PEOPLE IS EASY [Silent Movie Theater]
MESSAGE FROM SPACE (Ken-Ichiro Morioka), STARCRASH (John Barry) [New Beverly]

June 28
THE LONG GOOD FRIDAY (Francis Monkman), THE UNTOUCHABLES (Ennio Morricone) [New Beverly]

June 29
LASERBLAST (Richard Band, Joel Goldsmith) [Cinematheque: Egyptian]
THE LONG GOOD FRIDAY (Francis Monkman), THE UNTOUCHABLES (Ennio Morricone) [New Beverly]

June 30
INTERSTELLAR (Hans Zimmer), 2010 (David Shire) [New Beverly]
L'ATLANTE (Maurice Jaubert) [Silent Movie Theater]
POLTERGEIST (Jerry Goldsmith) [Nuart]
1776 (Sherman Edwards, Ray Heindorf) [Cinematheque: Aero]
THE SHINING (Wendy Carlos, Rachel Elkind) [Cinematheque: Egyptian]
VALERIE AND HER WEEK OF WONDERS (Lubos Fiser, Jan Klusak) [Silent Movie Theater]

July 1
INTERSTELLAR (Hans Zimmer), 2010 (David Shire) [New Beverly]
JAWS (John Williams) [Cinematheque: Aero]
THE LAST STARFIGHTER (Craig Safan) [New Beverly]
VIDEODROME (Howard Shore) [New Beverly]

July 2
BILL & TED'S EXCELLENT ADVENTURE (David Newman), BILL & TED'S BOGUS JOURNEY (David Newman) [Cinematheque: Aero]
JAWS (John Williams) [Cinematheque: Egyptian]
THE LAST STARFIGHTER (Craig Safan) [New Beverly]

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