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Volume 28, No. 3
March 2023
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Volume 9, Issue 7 | August 2004

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Jerry Goldsmith 1929-2004
It would be difficult to reflect on both Jerry Goldsmith's film music legacy and his recent passing without devoting an entire issue of FSM to him; so that's what we've done. From fan letters and remembrances to an in-depth look at his life and musical legacy, we've covered a lot of ground. Just as important, we hope you, Jerry's fans, find it a fitting tribute to a man whose monumental work meant so much to so many.
The Gold Standard
Quantifying Jerry Goldsmith's contribution to film scoring isn't easy...but we'll try anyway. by Jeff Bond
Goldsmith Without Tears
The imagined, decades-long conversation with Goldsmith may be over, but his music lives on. by John S. Walsh
Islands in the Stream
Jerry's industry contemporaries chime in on his life and legacy: memories from Maurice Jarre, Joe Dante, Patrick Williams, John Barry. Danny Elfman, agent Richard Kraft, Ed Shearmur, fan and friend Bob Burns, Philip Glass, and Douglass Fake. by Jeff Bond
Good as Goldsmith
It didn't get much better than 1960s-era Jerry Goldsmith. Here's a closer look at four scores that helped define his style: The Sand Pebbles, A Patch of Blue, The Blue Max, and Planet of the Apes. by John Takis
Dear Jerry...The Letter I Never Wrote
FSM's editor and publisher writes about the letter the never penned to his favorite composer. by Lukas Kendall
Jerry Unplugged
Jerry's music wasn't just a score for a film—it was a soundtrack for life. by Jason Comerford
Score: CD Reviews
The Village, The Terminal, Piano Works (Craig Armstrong), The Clearing, Starship Troopers 2: Hero of the Federation, The Enemy Below, Toi, le Venin/Le Vampire de Dusseldorf, Yo-Yo Ma Plays Ennio Morricone, The Punisher (2004), Du Barry Was a Lady, The Thorn Birds.
Mail Bag
Letters from readers about Goldsmith's passing.
Issue Index
Title Type Page
Gold Standard, The
Author: Bond, Jeff
Article 12
Goldsmith Without Tears Memories of an Imaginary Conversation
Author: Walsh, John S.
Article 19
Islands in the Stream Tributes from Friends, Peers and Colleagues
Author: Bond, Jeff , Sikoryak, Joe
Article 24
Good as Goldsmith
Author: Takis, John
Article 28
Terminal, The
Reviewer: Takis, John
Composer: Williams, John
Music Review 33
Village, The
Reviewer: Adams, Doug
Composer: Howard, James Newton
Music Review 33
Piano Works
Reviewer: Joy, Nick
Composer: Armstrong, Craig
Music Review 34
Clearing, The
Reviewer: Granade, Andrew
Composer: Armstrong, Craig
Music Review 34
Enemy Below, The
Reviewer: MacDonald, Darren
Composer: Harline, Leigh
Music Review 35
Le Vampire de Dusseldorf
Reviewer: Verhagen, Jason
Composer: Hossein, Andrew
Music Review 35
Starship Troopers 2: Hero of the Federation
Reviewer: Joy, Nick
Composer: Morgan, John , Stromberg, William
Music Review 35
Toi, le Venin
Reviewer: Verhagen, Jason
Composer: Hossein, Andrew
Music Review 35
Punisher, The
Reviewer: Goljan, Luke
Composer: Siliotto, Carlo
Music Review 36
Yo-Yo Ma Plays Ennio Morricone
Reviewer: Wong, Cary
Composer: Morricone, Ennio
Music Review 36
Thorn Birds, The
Reviewer: MacDonald, Darren
Composer: Mancini, Henry
Music Review 37
Du Barry Was a Lady
Reviewer: Griffin, Mark
Composer: Porter, Cole , Edens, Roger , Harburg, E.Y.
Music Review 37
Dear Jerry … The Letter I never wrote
Author: Kendall, Lukas
Article 42
Jerry Unplugged
Author: Comerford, Jason
Article 45
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