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Volume 29, No. 4
April 2024
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Volume 9, Issue 3 | March 2004

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The Future of Film Scoring
We were entertained by the fact that three of today's rising film composers become one giant composer when you put their names together: Jon Brion+Brian Tyler+Tyler Bates=Jon Brioan Tyler Bates. So we interviewed them. By Jeff Bond
Cover Story Components
Memory Bars: Jon Brion takes on Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind; Journey Beyond Timeline: Brian Tyler scores a trio of new films; Dead Can Dance: Tyler Bates tackles Dawn of the Dead.
For Christ's Sake
Given the popularity that the boring and violent Passion of the Christ has enjoyed over the past couple months, we thought it seemed an appropriate time to take a look at the musical history of Jesus movies. By Kyle Renick
What the Devil?!
Without evil there could be no good, so it must be good to be evil sometimes. Take a look at this list of notable film scores for movies about Satan. By Kyle Renick
The Bride Revisited
Too "cartoony," or appropriately melodramatic -- whichever way you go, Franz Waxman's score for The Bride of Frankenstein remains a score worthy of a closer look. By Kyle Renick
The RZA Makes His Own Breaks
Hip-hop artist The RZA brings a new sound to film with his beats for Quentin Tarantino's Kill Bill series. By John Allina
Score: CD Reviews
Jerry Goldsmith at 20th Century Fox: 6CD box set; Hidalgo, Monster, Paycheck, The Robe, Alias, Gothika, Gypsy, One From the Heart, La Leggenda della Pianista and Other Music for Film (Morricone), L'Anima Gemella, Tito Beltran: The Amazing Tenor, Pride and Prejudice, The Mad, Mad World of Soundtracks.
Book Reviews
Gabriel Yared's The English Patient by Heather Laing, reviewed by Steven Kennedy; A Fiddler's Tale: How Hollywood and Vivaldi Discovered Me, by Louis Kaufman with Annette Kaufman, reviewed by John Fitzpatrick.
Welcome Back to Sherwood!
Review of new Marco Polo CD/DVD of The Adventures of Robin Hood; by William Flanigan.
Issue Index
Title Type Page
Future of Film Scoring Memory Bars, The
Author: Bond, Jeff
Article 11
Future of Film Scoring Journey Beyond TIMELINE, The
Author: Bond, Jeff
Article 14
Future of Film Scoring Dead Can Dance, The
Author: Bond, Jeff
Article 16
For Christ's Sake A Brief History of Music for Jesus Movies
Author: Renick, Kyle
Article 18
What the Devil?!
Author: Renick, Kyle
Article 21
Horror of Faith, The: The Passion of the Christ Reviewed
Reviewer: Comerford, Jason
Composer: Debney, John
Music Review 22
Bride Revisited, The
Author: Miller-Phillips , Essman
Article 25
RZA Makes His Own Breaks, The
Interviewer: Allina, John
Interview 28
Jerry Goldsmith at 20th Century Fox
Reviewer: Bond, Jeff
Composer: Goldsmith, Jerry
Music Review 30
Reviewer: Wong, Cary
Composer: Howard, James Newton
Music Review 31
Reviewer: Goljan, Luke
Composer: Powell, John
Music Review 32
Reviewer: Armstrong, Stephen B.
Composer: BT
Music Review 32
Reviewer: Granade, Andrew
Composer: Giacchino, Michael
Music Review 33
Reviewer: Goljan, Luke
Composer: Ottman, John
Music Review 33
Robe, The: 50th Anniversary Deluxe Edition (1954)
Reviewer: MacDonald, Darren
Composer: Newman, Alfred
Music Review 33
Reviewer: Griffin, Mark
Composer: Styne, Jule , Sondheim, Stephen
Music Review 34
One From the Heart
Reviewer: Kennedy, Steven A.
Composer: Waits, Tom
Music Review 34
La Leggenda della Pianista and other Music for Film
Reviewer: Kennedy, Steven A.
Composer: Morricone, Ennio
Music Review 35
L'Anima Gemella
Reviewer: Kennedy, Steven A.
Composer: Donaggio, Pino
Music Review 35
Gabriel Yared's THE ENGLISH PATIENT: A Film Score Guide
Author: Laing, Heather
Reviewer: Kennedy, Steven A.
Book Review 35
Tito Beltran: The Amazing Tenor
Reviewer: Kennedy, Steven A.
Composer: Various Artists
Music Review 43
Pride and Prejudice
Reviewer: Kennedy, Steven A.
Composer: Carson, Ben
Music Review 43
Mad, Mad World of Soundtracks, The, Vol. 2
Reviewer: Kendall, Lukas
Composer: Various Artists
Music Review 43
Fiddler's Tale, A: How Hollywood and Vivali Discovered Me
Author: Kaufman, Louis
Reviewer: Fitzpatrick, John
Book Review 44
Multimedia Review Welcome Back to Sherwood!
Author: Flanigan, William
Article 45
Scoring News from Down-Under
Author: FSM
Article 48
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