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Volume 29, No. 7
July 2024
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A New Dimension of Hans
The latest Zimmer tour lands in Dublin.
Volume 29, Issue 5
Raiders in Concert in Ireland
Behind the scenes videos from Raiders of the Lost Ark in Concert in Dublin.
Volume 28, Issue 11
Rosenman on Rosenman
Judie Rosenman discusses her husband’s work in a pre-show event with Richard Kaufman and Tim Burden.
Volume 28, Issue 2
Composer's Corner: Spitfire Originals - Cinematic Frozen Strings
Volume 27, Issue 2
JW at 90: A Close Encounters Intro
The Strand Arts Centre in Belfast celebrates John Williams’ nonagintennial.
Volume 27, Issue 2
Back to Back to the Future
Alan Silvestri discusses his return to the venerable franchise with the brand new musical.
Volume 26, Issue 12
From the Archives: Patrick Doyle in Belfast
Watch an exclusive pre-concert video from yesteryear.
Volume 26, Issue 3
An Underground Zoom With Ron Underwood: 30 Years of Tremors
The director chats about his movie and the La-La Land Records release of the score album.
Volume 26, Issue 1
The Joy of Jane
Philip Glass scores the National Geographic documentary about the life and work of Jane Goodall.
Volume 22, Issue 10
From the Archives: Bringing Up Broughton
A “Talking Piano” conversation with Bruce Broughton.
Volume 21, Issue 2
"It's Been Educational": Alan Silvestri in Northern Ireland
A record of Silvestri’s Cinematic adventure.
Volume 20, Issue 12
An Evening With George Fenton, Part 3
The celebrated composer, live from Ireland.
Volume 19, Issue 2
An Evening With George Fenton, Part 1
The celebrated composer, live from Ireland.
Volume 18, Issue 12
Alan Silvestri Goes Positively Prehistoric
A look at last month’s GSPO concert and the composer’s new score for The Croods.
Volume 18, Issue 3
John Williams & The LSO: A Video Diary
24 hours in the life of film music on tour.
Volume 17, Issue 12
Rainbow to the Games: Thomas Hewitt Jones
Scoring the animated film featuring the final leg of the London 2012 mascot’s journey to the Olympics.
Volume 17, Issue 7
A Sure Brett, Part 2
James Seymour Brett talks about his work with Michael Kamen and on Batman Live.
Volume 17, Issue 3
Soundtrack to Your Summer: CBSO Film Music Festival
Tim Burden’s mammoth audio and video diary of the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra’s recent film music festival.
Volume 16, Issue 9
Sakamoto Plays Sakamoto
The Oscar-winning composer takes his singular themes and musical ideas on a unique 10-city tour.
Volume 15, Issue 10
Lord of the Rings: The Eagles Have Landed
Doug Adams’ The Music of the Lord of the Rings Films finally hits bookshelves.
Volume 15, Issue 10
The Bear Necessities
Bear McCreary steps up to the plate for his first feature film, Step Up 3D.
Volume 15, Issue 8
Composers Crash Comic-Con
They'll let anybody in these days!
Volume 15, Issue 8
Schifrin In Rehearsal
Maestro Schifrin rehearses for his big night.
Volume 15, Issue 4
Schifrin In Concert
The big night—Maestro Schifrin on the podium!
Volume 15, Issue 4
Inside FSM: Print Is Dead?
How Film Score Monthly became FSM Online!
Volume 15, Issue 2
Inside FSM: Our Gang
Enjoy Part 2 of Saul Pincus’ FSM documentary series.
Volume 14, Issue 12
Two of a Kind: Sean Callery and Mark Snow, Part 5/Finale
Our candid series comes to an entertaining end.
Volume 14, Issue 5
Two of a Kind: Sean Callery and Mark Snow, Part 4
Mark Snow tells of his humble beginnings and early encounters with film music luminaries.
Volume 14, Issue 4
Two of a Kind: Sean Callery and Mark Snow, Part 3
The two composer pals sit down for an entertaining look at their respective careers.
Volume 14, Issue 3
Two of a Kind: Sean Callery and Mark Snow, Part 2
Volume 14, Issue 2
Two of a Kind: Sean Callery and Mark Snow -- The Series Begins
First up: Sean Callery (with occasional appearances by Mark Snow)
Volume 14, Issue 1
Townson's World: Series Finale
Bob Townson reveals plans to celebrate his label’s recent accomplishments.
Volume 13, Issue 11
Townson's World, Part 3
We continue our conversation with Bob Townson—and this part has a field trip!
Volume 13, Issue 10
Townson's World: Part 2
More with Robert Townson, the mystery man behind Varèse Sarabande.
Volume 13, Issue 9
The Last Days of Todd-AO
FSMO presents an exclusive look at the legendary recording stage, before it was shut down.
Volume 13, Issue 9
Townson's World
Meet Robert Townson, the mystery man behind Varèse Sarabande.
Volume 13, Issue 8
Bruce's Back Yard: Part 3
Our exclusive sit-down with Bruce Broughton finishes up.
Volume 13, Issue 7
Music in Drydock: Star Trek Concert Documentary
Erich Kunzel, John de Lancie and Robert Picardo rehearse for a night of Trek music.
Volume 13, Issue 7
Bruce's Back Yard: Part 2
Our exclusive sit-down with Bruce Broughton continues.
Volume 13, Issue 6
Bruce's Back Yard
Our exclusive sit-down with Bruce Broughton starts here!
Volume 13, Issue 5
Giacchino Rising, Part 2
The young A-lister wraps up his candid discussion with FSMO.
Volume 13, Issue 4
Giacchino Rising
Welcome to our exclusive video interview series with Michael Giacchino.
Volume 13, Issue 3
Special FSM Video Preview!
Volume 13, Issue 2
Art & Kraft: The Final Conflict
Our extensive interview with film music agent Richard Kraft comes to a thrilling conclusion.
Volume 12, Issue 11
Art & Kraft: The Series Continues
Our extensive interview with film music agent Richard Kraft continues.
Volume 12, Issue 10
Art & Kraft
Film music superagent Richard Kraft sits down for an extended conversation.
Volume 12, Issue 9
Independent-Minded Mychael: Part 2
Mychael Danna continues his candid chat.
Volume 12, Issue 3
Independent-Minded Mychael
Mychael Danna sits down for a candid chat and a tour of his studio. Here's Part 1.
Volume 12, Issue 2
Gordon Goodwin: Big Band Meets Bugs
The versatile composer, arranger, saxophonist, pianist and bandleader scores one for WB.
Volume 12, Issue 1
Facing the Music (VIDEO)
John Williams, James Earl Jones and the Road to Tanglewood
Volume 11, Issue 9
Patrick Williams, Part 2: The Maestro of Cool (VIDEO)
In Part 2 of our webdoc series, Patrick Williams talks about his long and storied career in film, television, the concert hall and more.
Volume 11, Issue 7
Patrick Williams, Part 1: The School of Cool (VIDEO)
Veteran composer and arranger Patrick Williams talks up the Mancini Institute.
Volume 11, Issue 6
Patrick Williams: Video Teaser
Check out a preview of our upcoming web-documentary series!
Volume 11, Issue 5
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