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Recommended Web Sites Reactions

Compiled by Lukas Kendall

We got a few responses to our Monday column presenting one writer's opinion on the best film music web sites. We didn't include ours in that particular survey, which calls to mind the poll that TV Guide conducted a few years back on who was the best Star Trek captain, Kirk or Picard? Kirk won, but both William Shatner and Patrick Stewart were interviewed about it. Shatner said that it wasn't very important to him, that both he and Stewart developed their own characters and each is very popular and successful, and that the poll was not to be taken as a ranking or validation. "Then again," he added, "wouldn't it have been awful if I had lost?"


    I just read the article written by Christopher Moore about his top four websites for movie soundtracks on the web, other than Film Score Monthly. I agree with most of his choices; however, I feel that there was one glaring omission from his list. That site would be Christian Clemmensen's Flimtracks Modern Soundtrack Reviews site at This site has honest, factual reviews of the latest soundtracks, a large amount of reviews of special releases and compilations, a theme of the month that is devoted to some aspect of movie scores, and adequate sound files to go with his reviews. The thing that makes this site special, though, is that Clemmensen runs the site with his own money and time, and, essentially, he does all of the work to maintain the site, making it truly one of the best.

From: Katrina Palacek <>

    The website article today seems biased towards MovieTunes and its partners. I have been very disappointed with MovieTunes lately because they do not include reviews with their listings and it seems they add new titles only as a corporate scheme to sell their advertisement space. Their audio clips are poor too.

    On the other hand, a friend pointed me to FilmTracks Modern Soundtrack Reviews a few months back and I have been a regular visitor to that site as well as yours. You might want to visit and consider them the next time you list recommended soundtrack websites. They are honest in their views and have a fresh sense of humor. Their "purchasing links" offer a great chance to price several different online CD stores for specific scores.

From: "Todd Wong" <>

    In regards to the article about "four recommended film music websites," I believe that you sadly overlooked one vital source of review material on the web, It is reliable in its reviews of new releases, and tells things "like it is" from an unbiased fan-based point of view. It has incredible graphics and the writing is generally very good. It is leaps and bounds beyond and (these sites are confusing to navigate). As for Movietunes, it is an excellent site for news, but they often put up pages for new releases that have NO review at all. Filmtracks at least is consistent. When I recently discovered that one individual was responsible for all the information at Filmtracks, I was floored.

    Also, is listed by Lycos as the #1 source of film music opinions on the web, tied with --you guessed-- Film Score Monthly.

From: Ellen Edgerton <>

    In your article on Monday you speculated:

    "Some presume's disappearance can be attributed to the popularity of Movietunes."

    As the former webmaster of, I can tell you accurately that its initial disappearance had to do with the fact that I didn't much feel like doing it any more. :-)

I suppose now would be a good time to ask readers for your comments on our site, and suggestions on how to improve it. We've only been going for nine months, but we've added a lot of features and haven't missed a single weekday of getting up a new "Film Score Daily"--in the process we've built up a pretty cool archive of reviews and material. (Many thanks to our tireless webmaster, Bill Smith!)

I know some of you guys come back day after day (bless you!), some check in once or twice a week, and others still are seeing this for only the first or second time. We are trying to offer content that is timeless (reference features, i.e. links and articles) as well as timely (the Friday news columns).

If you have suggestions, please send them!

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Ben-Hur premieres in New York (1959)
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Cy Coleman died (2004)
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