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Film Score Friday 6/24/16
Posted By Scott Bettencourt 6/23/2016 - 9:00 PM
This week's new release from La-La Land is FAMILY GUY: MOVEMENT 1, a collection of score cues from the first four seasons of the long-running animated series, composed by Ron Jones (Star Trek: The Next Generation) and Walter Murphy (Ted). Jones and Murphy both received multiple Emmy nominations for their work on the show, and Murphy won for one of its songs.

Intrada plans to release one new CD next week. 

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June FSMO Is Live!
Posted By Tim Curran 6/22/2016 - 2:00 AM
The June edition of FSM ONLINE is now live. This month's cover story is an in-depth look at the DC television universe with BLAKE NEELY, who is currently scoring ARROW, THE FLASH, SUPERGIRL and LEGENDS OF TOMORROW. Also this issue is an interview with ALEX HEFFES about The History Channel's new adaptation of ROOTS; BRIAN TYLER has nothing up his sleeve for NOW YOU SEE ME 2; the conclusion of our extensive report on the TRIBECA FILM FESTIVAL; a concert review of HANS ZIMMER LIVE ON TOUR; the third part of Gold Rush's retrospective on the life and times of DIMITRI TIOMKIN; a Score Restore of THE PANIC IN NEEDLE PARK by NED ROREM; Cary Wong wades through a plethora of sequels, prequels and reboots; SCOTT GLASGOW chats THE CURSE OF THE SLEEPING BEAUTY; more embedded audio clips, and more.

Subscribers, you’ll get notification by email shortly. Or, just go here to log in. For those who want to join FSM ONLINE, go here, click on the “Subscribe” link and follow the instructions. And email us if you have any questions.

Your Friends at FSM ONLINE
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Aisle Seat 6-21: Summer Arrival Edition
Posted By Andy Dursin 6/20/2016 - 9:00 PM
June is typically a big month for home video releases – especially TV on Video anthologies, where CBS has repackaged both STAR TREK: THE ORIGINAL SERIES (1966-69, aprx. 69 hours) and STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION (1987-94, aprx. 135 hours) in deluxe, complete-series Blu-Ray sets.
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Film Score Friday 6/17/16
Posted By Scott Bettencourt 6/16/2016 - 9:00 PM
Intrada's one new release this week is a remastered edition of an earlier Special Collection release, Henry Mancini's typically charming score for the smash hit 1976 comedy-thriller SILVER STREAK. Because of damage to the original tapes, Intrada' s original Silver Streak was a mixture of stereo and mono cues, but thanks to advances in restoration, their new edition presents the score entirely in stereo. 
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Aisle Seat 6-14: Star Trek II, Rollercoaster, June Wrap
Posted By Andy Dursin 6/14/2016 - 9:00 PM
Though “Star Trek: The Motion Picture” was a hit, fans and critics were, by and large, disappointed by it. For that reason, STAR TREK II: THE WRATH OF KHAN (****, 113 mins., 1982, PG; Paramount) is undoubtedly the reason why Star Trek is still alive and kicking in the 21st century. Trading in the evocative visuals but stilted story of “The Motion Picture” for a more exciting, action-packed, and far more human tale that – as director Nicholas Meyer explains in his commentary – touches upon old age, death, heroism, tragedy and triumph, “The Wrath of Khan” has basically become an iconic film of the early ‘80s, and not just for Star Trek die-hards.
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Film Score Friday 6/10/16
Posted By Scott Bettencourt 6/9/2016 - 9:00 PM
Intrada plans to release one new CD next week.

La-La Land will have a booth at the upcoming ComicCon and their items for sale will include their new limited edition score CD for BATMAN: THE KILLING JOKE, composed by Michael McCuistion, Kristopher Carter and Lolita Ritmanis.

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Aisle Seat 6-7: The Early June Rundown
Posted By Andy Dursin 6/6/2016 - 9:00 PM
A killer snake is on the loose in London, putting a wrench into the plans of kidnappers who want to hold a rich 10-year-old boy hostage. That plot synopsis alone promises the potential of thrills for genre buffs, but what if I told you the movie also stars Sterling Hayden as the boy’s grandfather; Klaus Kinski, Oliver Reed and Susan George as the villains; Sarah Miles as a vet specializing in deadly snakes; and Nicol Williamson as the cop on the case. The film exists, and it’s called VENOM (**, 92 mins., 1982, R; Blue Underground), but why is that, seemingly, nobody has ever heard of it?
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Film Score Friday 6/3/16
Posted By Scott Bettencourt 6/2/2016 - 9:00 PM
Intrada has announced two new releases this week: a two-disc set featuring the scores for the first three films in the low-budget time travel thriller series TRANCERS, with the first and second films scored by Phil Davies and Mark Ryder, and the third scored by Richard Band; and a compilation of surviving score tracks for Paramount films composed by Miklos Rozsa, including 33 minutes from FIVE GRAVES  TO CAIRO, the World War II adventure that was his first project with longtime collaborator Billy Wilder, and 17 minutes from the 1943 World War II romance SO PROUDLY WE HAIL!, which earned four Oscar nominations including one for supporting actress Paulette Goddard, as well as cues from The Hour Before Dawn, The Man in Half Moon Street, and The Woman of the Town
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Film Score Friday 5/27/16
Posted By Scott Bettencourt 5/26/2016 - 9:00 PM
Quartet has announced their latest batch of releases -- the first-ever CD release of Henry Mancini's score for THE GREAT WALDO PEPPER, the 1975 period drama that reteamed Butch Cassidy's Robert Redford, writer William Goldman and director George Roy Hill, featuring the same cues as the original MCA LP release (which is nearly all the music included in the actual film); a two-disc set of Riz Ortolani's score for 1963's HORROR CASTLE; and Bruno Coulais' score for the documentary THE SEASONS, from Winged Migration's Oscar-nominated Jacques Perrin.

Varese Sarabande has announced their latest batch of limited edition CDs of contemporary film music, which are expcted to begin shipping next week -- the soundtrack to the direct-to-video animated sequel OPEN SEASON: SCARED SILLY, scored by Rupert Gregson-Williams and Dominic Lewis; the score for the drama OF MIND AND MUSIC, composed by Carlos Joe Alvarez (Deadline); and two CDs of film music from composers featured at the last two KRAKOW MUSIC FESTIVALS, in 2015 and 2016, featuring mostly previously released music.

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Aisle Seat 5-24: Memorial Day Edition
Posted By Andy Dursin 5/23/2016 - 9:00 PM
Exploitation buffs, ‘70s action fans and those with a taste for bombastic film scoring ought to eat up KILLER FORCE (101 mins., 1975, R), also known as “The Diamond Mercenaries.” This Val Guest-directed action thriller is set in the diamond mines of the South African desert, where security expert Telly Savalas is charged with stopping a heist led by a team of experts – Hugh O’Brian, Christopher Lee and O.J. Simpson – while fellow company man Peter Fonda gets a covert invitation from his boss to join the villains by smuggling a single diamond out of the heavily guarded compound. If he succeeds, he’ll be able to infiltrate the group before they can steal millions in diamonds out of the company vaults…but there are surprises to be found in the script, credited to Guest, Michael Winder and Gerald Sanford, where the bad guys and good guys seem to switch places by the film’s end.
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