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 Posted:   Jan 5, 2018 - 11:54 AM   
 By:   Justin Boggan   (Member)

Before Silvestri got picked up for season two, the first season of the show had a various composers; all name names in television scoring, even the "Batman" composer Riddle contributed.

However, understandably Film Score Monthly chose to begin with Silvestri, so Volume 1 was season two. No release from season one has occurred, however I want to champion it.

By: Mike Post & Pete Carpenter (NEW link as of 1-12-21)

Note: As the FSM Volume 1 CD liner notes state, Post did a theme for the show which was not used. We've yet to hear it.

  • 1:24 in. I presume this is part of the un-used theme. It also reoccurs in a couple cues later in the episode.*
  • About 4:10 in: because it's not just the theme, it has various score interludes.
  • About 6:10 in: cymbal tapping, sax's, brass.
  • 10:20 in. Though it starts getting good about 11:20 in.
  • 24:43 in.
  • 34:40 in.
  • 39:12 in.
  • 43:58 in. * = a brief example.
  • 45:20 in: a two minute more laid-back version of the end credits music.

    While it has some elements of the disco scores, I'd say it's more jazz-inclined.

    By: John Parker (NEW link as of 1-12-21)

  • 0:00 in.
  • 8:01 in: one of the cues that when I found out FSM was releasing score from the series, I was hoping would be on it.
  • About 9:10 in.
  • 13:16 in.
  • 19:10 in: to be honest, I'm jumping into a cue already in progress. It's long too, even without the beginning it runs three minutes.
  • 29:52 in: a nice short arrangement of his theme music.
  • I guess the cue around 42:00 in. There's a lot of SFX over it.

    Hey, a tone pyramid. Just pointing that out for those small few who are annoyed by those.

    "Career Day"
    By: Robert Drasnin (NEW link as 2-20-2021)

  • 0:00 in: which also opens with what I assume is part of the un-used Post theme. It's also a weird choice to mix the FX so low it's almost completely music leading the opening for almost two minutes.
  • 12:10 in.
  • 19:09 in.
  • 23:33 in. And right after the commercial break.
  • 33:44 in.
  • About 37:20 in.

    I'm not sure what happened here. As I recall I got the names Post & Carpenter as the composers for this episode from AOL loads of the episodes many many years ago when AOL had video, yet this load I am watching says Drasnin. Could maybe there have been a score replacement? Similarly, Drasnin is credited with three episodes, yet he told me -- according to his royalty checks -- he did four. Another possible score replacement? Or maybe an uncredited score?

    Sgt. Getraer: "We have nearly on hundred vehicles operating out of Central and ninety-nine of them spent most of their time on the street. Now, one of them spends most its time in the repair shop. Do you know who that vehicle belongs to, Frank?"
    Ponch: "Serge', let me explain."
    Sgt. Getraer: "No, let me explain: your job is not to keep the mechanics busy, your job is to patrol."

    "Baby Food"
    By: Mike Post & Pete Carpenter (NEW link as 2-20-2021)

    This is the final episode the two scored.

  • 17:18 in.
  • About 24:30 in.
  • 38:11 in.
  • 46:50 in.

    I enjoy slow-moving episodes of series, but this is the painfully slow and boring uneventful stuff that should be skipped.

    That's it for today. Next time fore Drasnin and Parker.

     Posted:   Jan 6, 2018 - 9:28 AM   
     By:   AgentM   (Member)

    I prefer the music of season 1, never was a fan of the disco music. Maybe we'll get a soundtrack one day.

     Posted:   Jan 6, 2018 - 1:46 PM   
     By:   Justin Boggan   (Member)

    I realized that even though I want people to hear the music, some people may have the ability and want to pay to see the episodes, so I am including the purchase links on Youtube; it's $1.99 an episode.

    "Taking Its Toll"
    By: Robert Drasnin (NEW link as of 2-20-2021)
    Purchase link:

  • 0:00 in.
  • 0:40 in. Trumpets and tambourine heavy. Continues at about 3:25 in.
  • 24:50 in. More at about 26:25 (a cool steady drum kit beat; love it).
  • 31:32 in. This is the second cue, so far, that comes close to what Silvestri was doing in season two.

    Jon: "You know Ponch, the best things in life are free."
    Ponch: "Free?! It costs twenty-five cents to cross this bridge!"

    Ponch: "It'll make a terrific movie. I wonder who'll they'll get to play me. Maybe Jack Nicolson, I like him. But he's not good looking enough, you know?"

    "Green Thumb Burglar"
    By: John Parker (NEW link as of 2-20-2021)
    Purchase link:

  • About 7:20 in.
  • About 12:00 in.
  • About 16:30 in.
  • 21:20 in.
  • 24:40 in.
  • 30:46 in.
  • 36:00 in.
  • 38:22 in.

    CinemaSins: "Obvious voice over it obvious."

    By: John Parker (NEW link as of 2-20-2021)
    Purchase link:

  • 2:45 in.
  • 20:09 in.
  • About 25:30.
  • 28:25 in.
  • 42:00 in. Another cue that's close to what Silvestri was doing.
  • And the stuff after the commercial break.

    That's one hot Judge. About 8:00 in.

    "Highway Robbery"
    By: John Parker (NEW link as of 2-20-2021)
    Purchase link: Link not found.

    Note: I didn't find the link to this one on Youtube. It would probably require searching their channel; I only do a simple Google search.

  • About 4:45 in.
  • 44:38 in.

    There were some bits here and there, like during the long opening robbery scene, but over all this is the least interesting score from the first season. Thus far.

    Sgt. Getraer: "How courteous of you and Baker, ah, not to disrupt the Briefing as usual by walking in late."

    "Name Your Price"
    By: Robert Drasnin (NEW link as of 2-20-2021)
    Purchase link:

    This is the final episode Drasnin scored.

  • 2:08 in.
  • 12:35 in.
  • 14:40 in.
  • 28:58 in.
  • About 36:50 in.
  • About 43:00 in: though I'm joining a cue already in progress.

    I enjoyed Drasnin's efforts for the series and I would have liked to have heard more from him.

    By: John Parker (NEW link as of 2-20-2021)
    Purchase link:

    This is the final episode Parker scored.

  • About 1:22 in.
  • 3:58 in.
  • About 15:40 in.
  • About 24:00 in.
  • 30:30 in: an atypical cue for the series.
  • 34:45 in.
  • 38:53 in.
  • 42:56 in.

    Hot Judge lady is back.

    Another Rosenman tone pyramid.

    "Surf's Up"
    By: J. J. Johnson (NEW link as of 2-20-2021)
    Purchase link:

  • 0:00 in.
  • 1:18 in.
  • About 8:55 in.
  • About 10:15 in. This may be the first cue I can recall that had a vibraslap in it.
  • About 14:28 in.
  • About 15:39 in: though once again I'm joining a cue already in progress, but the short beginning was a pass for me.
  • 19:53 in.
  • About 22:20 in. More coolness after the commercial break, though different from what was before it. There's a two or three brief lulls. The cue ends, incase you are wondering, after John sees the baby in the backseat and Ponch is arresting the guy.
  • 28:21 in.
  • 32:58 in: two minutes of smooth lighter material.

    That's one edgy and groovy episode score.

    A cue from "Undertow" is re-used. The one I specifically mentioned as one I had wanted.

    "Vintage '54"
    By: Nelson Riddle (NEW link as of 2-20-2021)
    Purchase link:

    This is Riddle's only effort for the series.

  • 0:00 in.
  • 4:49 in: It's a long cue at over four minutes in length.
  • 11:44 in.
  • 12:20 in.
  • 16:07 in: another long cue, nearly six minutes long.
  • 35:10 in.
  • 40:54 in.
  • About 44:40 in.

    It's nice to find a Riddle TV episode score that while maintaining his sound, doesn't sound like interchangeable "Batman" cues.

    That's it for today. I'll finish off the season on Sunday and Monday, along with an extra from another season.

     Posted:   Jan 7, 2018 - 12:00 PM   
     By:   AgentM   (Member)

    You forgot "Dog gone", that had some cool cues. Maybe LaLa Land records can get this released.
    Composed by John Carl Parker

     Posted:   Jan 7, 2018 - 12:10 PM   
     By:   Justin Boggan   (Member)

    "Dog Gone" has no credited composer, so it should be a total track job.

    Be back later with one or two episodes.

     Posted:   Jan 7, 2018 - 12:32 PM   
     By:   AgentM   (Member)

    Really? I got that info off IMDB, I'll have to look at the end credits of the episode.

     Posted:   Jan 7, 2018 - 12:35 PM   
     By:   AgentM   (Member)

    You are right sir the episode didn't credit a composer.

     Posted:   Jan 7, 2018 - 12:42 PM   
     By:   Justin Boggan   (Member)

    There's no composer credited on IMDb either. You're mis-reading IMDb. You're looking at the Music Department section where he is credited for the theme music. Composers go under the Composers section (though some people, frustratingly, have been placing composers in the Music Department section; I spent almost an hour fixing one TV series in particular).

     Posted:   Jan 7, 2018 - 1:37 PM   
     By:   Justin Boggan   (Member)

    "Hitch-Hiking Hitch"
    By: J. J. Johnson (BAD LINK)
    Purchase link:

    This is Johnson's final effort for the series.

  • 0:00 in.
  • 2:29 in.
  • 8:50 in.
  • 15:45 in.
  • About 24:00 in.
  • 27:06 in.
  • 32:32 in.
  • 39:55 in. There's a brief lull, though the second half isn't as good.

    "Cry Wolf"
    By: Billy May (NEW link as of 2-20-2021)
    Purchase link:

    From here on in season one is complete by Billy May. Sadly. I've yet to hear a Billy May score I like. I especially was put off by his season three work on "Batman". These are my thoughts before hearing anything, so we'll see...

  • 7:15 in.
  • 15:59 in.
  • 18:50 in.

    It was okay, not bad over all. Not on par with the efforts from Drasnin and Johnson.

    That's it for today. Tomorrow, the remaining May scores and then one episode score from another season. Hopefully I've generated some interested for a Volume 0.

     Posted:   Jan 7, 2018 - 3:32 PM   
     By:   Jeff Eldridge   (Member)

    Listening to a little bit of Billy May's score for "Cry Wolf," it reminds me of his music for Emergency!

    Coincidentally there is stock footage of Engine 51 and Squad 51 from Emergency! near the beginning of this CHiPs episode (which is a bit strange, as they were produced by different studios). But then an entirely different engine and rescue squad show up at the scene of the supposed crash. I demand perfect continuity in 1970s TV shows aimed at young viewers!

     Posted:   Jan 8, 2018 - 12:03 PM   
     By:   Justin Boggan   (Member)

    "Crash Diet"
    By: Billy May (NEW link as of 2-20-2021)
    Purchase link:

  • 11:07 in.
  • 2:14 in: joining a cue already in progress.
  • 38:53 in.

    One thing two episodes into May's efforts, that I'm already sick of, is his lazy scoring idea of extended cymbal tapping rolls that just go on with little else happening.

    This episode features one of my favorite scenes. The set up: Jon and Ponch chasing a speeding van full of naked young ladies (they were in the midst of "changing" in the van when Jon and Ponch spotted them). The van stops and they start pilling out, resulting in: 7:38 in.

    Man, that turned that crazy guy throwing stuff at cars, into a sad story.

    "Rainy Day"
    By: Billy May (NEW link as of 2-20-2021)
    Purchase link:

  • 7:28 in: joining a cue already in progress.
  • 18:58 in.
  • 41:00 in: again, joining a cue already in progress. I have to cut those annoying lazy cymbal tapping rolls off too much.

    Jon and Ponch find themselves driving a police car for most of the episode.

    Jon: "You have a shower gun?"

    By: Billy May (BAD LINK)
    Purchase link: No link found.

  • 11:40 in.
  • 35:37 in.
  • About 41:15 in: joining a cue in already progress.

    The following season one episodes had no composer credited:
    "Done Gone"
    "Aweigh We Go"
    "One Two Many"

    This is the composer tally for season one, for folks who want that:

    Mike Post & Pete Carpenter (2)
    John Parker (6)
    Robert Drasnin (4; one not credited)
    J. J. Johnson (2)
    Nelson Riddle (1)
    Billy May, R.I.P. (4)

    And now, that episode from another season:

    "The Volunteers" (season two, episode two)
    By: George Romanis (NEW link as of 1-12-21)

    Until the final season, only two episodes with original score had somebody other than Silvestri. Volume 1 from FSM included the other ("Trick or Trick", Bruce Broughton), but skipped this one. Again, I understand the reasoning -- there just wasn't room and Broughton is the bigger draw.
    The final season mixed in Luchi De Jesus; I have no plans to go over his efforts.

  • 0:00 in.
  • 9:11 in.
  • 16:39 in.
  • 22:21 in: more of that toe-tapping steady traveling music.
  • 27:06 in.
  • 34:13 in.
  • 39:48 in: more of the traveling music.
  • 46:16 in.

    Based on this effort alone, I would have liked to have heard more from Romanis on the show, but sadly this was the only effort.

    Unfortunately, Romanis' personal tapes aren't stored very well and stuff may be gone or rotting away until somebody takes it upon themselves to try and help. Who knows what's been lost already.
    I don't wish to speak out of turn, so I'll be a little vague here, but Romanis isn't in a position to answer questions really anymore, so his wife replies back.

    So, in the end I think -- including Romanis' effort, season one would make a very nice 2CD set. Maybe three.

     Posted:   Jan 9, 2018 - 9:21 AM   
     By:   Justin Boggan   (Member)

    Any label head: any chance?

    And have future volumes of "CHiPs" stopped with FSM as a label shutting down?

     Posted:   Jan 10, 2018 - 9:53 AM   
     By:   chriss   (Member)

    Any label head: any chance?

    And have future volumes of "CHiPs" stopped with FSM as a label shutting down?

    Intrada did Then Came Bronson after FSM's closing.
    A Vol. 3 of Buck Rogers would also be great. There are unreleased scores by Richard Markowitz,
    J.J. Johnson, Robert Prince and John Cacavas!

     Posted:   Jan 10, 2018 - 10:01 AM   
     By:   Justin Boggan   (Member)

    Intrada did Then Came Bronson after FSM's closing

    That's immediately what I thought about, but for some reason I don't see Intrada doing it. I'd like to be wrong!

     Posted:   Jan 10, 2018 - 10:06 AM   
     By:   chriss   (Member)

    It would be great if Intrada would do more classic TV on CD! At least LLL's announcement for the new year gives hope: "2018 is here and we couldn't be any more excited! We have some amazing projects lined up! Lots of fan favs to classic tv shows (...)!" smile

     Posted:   Jan 10, 2018 - 10:08 AM   
     By:   Justin Boggan   (Member)

    Oh yeah, if you are a TV shows score fan, the last decade has been a good time to be alive, mainly thanks to Intrada Records and La La Land Records (AKA: The Trek-Files label ;-).

     Posted:   Jan 10, 2018 - 10:34 AM   
     By:   Disco Stu   (Member)

    Oh man, more CHiPs soundtracks? COUNT ME IN
    The FSM-releases are very steady and consistent rollers in my soundtrack library. Season one had many great tunes. But expansions of the FSM-releases are very wellcome. Example season 2 "The Volunteers" had fun music, and that's not released.
    I can't recall the episode but it's in one of the first seasons, in which, at the end, John and Ponch take part in a volleyball game in the park against several female players. That background music is on my wanted list too.


     Posted:   Jan 10, 2018 - 10:43 AM   
     By:   Justin Boggan   (Member)

    ^^^ That's "Crash Diet", as I recall. I reviewed it above and that scene was noted in the time stamps, as I recall.

     Posted:   Jan 29, 2020 - 1:52 PM   
     By:   Justin Boggan   (Member)

    Bad links replaced with new ones and the Romanis image link is fixed. So: All links work.

    Hopefully the music can draw in some label to do a "Volume 0" and cover the scoring of season one.

    I've also changed my mind and I'll cover the Luchi de Jesus episodes at some point.

     Posted:   Feb 20, 2021 - 7:05 PM   
     By:   Justin Boggan   (Member)

    All but two bad season one links are fixed.

    So, who's in for a Volume 0?

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