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 Posted:   Jul 27, 2016 - 2:10 AM   
 By:   vinylman   (Member)

Oh that is a recipe for trouble if anything.


No it isn't. It's called spreading the workload around other people who also aren't paid for doing it. I'd imagine very few orders are 'lost' and most are fulfilled quickly. Mine always have been, and I've been a member for far longer than probably most people on here (and certainly long before they started producing soundtracks for members).

For some reason the soundtrack fraternity seem to think they should be dealt with differently or more swiftly ie, the usual sense of 'entitlement' that some people in the hobby seem to have.

Remember, they are not a soundtrack label or dealer.

Maybe but they charge more than a label or a dealer. i paid $230,00 for this !
They should give us a little more consideration !

The cd's are most probably relaxing after a long journey and chilling in the customs office?

 Posted:   Jul 28, 2016 - 3:07 AM   
 By:   mikael488   (Member)

Anybody have an extra copy of this 4CD set who might consider selling?

 Posted:   Jul 28, 2016 - 9:22 AM   
 By:   Score-Man-X   (Member)

i just ordered fanderson SPACE 1999 YEAR 2 and i just saw the tracks titles,
is it only 2 cds of stereo tracks and 2 cds of the same music in mono ?

are there any more music or its the same from the previous edition ?

It is for me really a unexplainable riddle, why FANDERSON not released a detailed track-list for their
extraordenary CDs on their officiell web-site. The CD-set booklets are very extremyl detailed; absolutly
perfect !

Disc 1&2 presenting the scores in thier original first composition version(no editings or cuts, all rejected
track segments included) total complete in stereo.
Disc 3&4 presenting the scores mixed precisley in that version at they apper in the final TV-episodes
presentation(inclusiv every editing or cuts) mostly shorter as the stereo version, rarely longer.

For example:
Disc 1 - Track 03. Rendezvous in space = 6:28(Stereo) / Disc 3 - Track 03. = 6:04(Mono)
Disc 1 - Track 16. The first capsula = 5:14(Stereo) / Disc 3 - Track 09. = 5:54(Mono)
Disc 1 - Track 17. The Exiles = 2:39(Stereo) / Disc 3 - Track 10. = 3:14(Mono)

Disc 2 - Track 03. Vega = 10:06(Stereo) / Disc 4 - Track 03. = 9:42(Mono)
Disc 2 - Track 05. The strongest passion = 4:26(Stereo) / Disc 4 - Track 05. = 3:48(Mono)
Disc 2 - Track 06. A new Desdemona = 7:13(Stereo) / Disc 4 - Track 14. = 6:09(Mono)
Disc 2 - Track 12. Transaction complete = 7:55(Stereo) / Disc 4 - Track 22. = 6:03(Mono)
Disc 2 - Track 18. Showdown at Copernicus = 8:02(Stereo) / Disc 4 -Track 24 = 7:21(Mono)

and so on ...

but there is of course more music on the four CDs !
- The library tracks
- The introductory score for the DESTINATION MOONBASE ALPHA feature film by Mike Vickers
(Short material, but my personal favorite tracks on this CD-set!)
The CD-set contains also the endtitel-song "SPACE" composed by italian composers Guido and
Maurizio de Angelis. The YEAR-2 endtitel-song "SOS SPAZIO 1999" for the YEAR-2 TV-episodes
in Italy is unfortunateli not included !
There is no information in the booklet, why this composition is not included.
May be the italian music rights, may be the scarcly enough play of time on the four CDs.
Disc 1 = 78:37 / Disc 2 = 80:39 / Disc 3 = 81:07 / Disc 4 = 77:41

But for the fans, they want a really complete release of all music composed for SPACE 1999,
it may be a disappointment, that this material is not contained.

So the magnificent SPACE 1999 - FANDERSON CD-sets are finally only a 99,9 percent perfect
anniversary releases. Of course, for a 40 years old series is this absolutly great !

On the YEAR-1 CD-Set, I was unfortunateli surprised, that Barry Gray's Demo(1:11) recording of his
main-title was not contained.
It exist only as bonus material on the british NETWOK DVD/BR-sets of the series.
The sound quality of this demo recording may be not so good as the rest of the later recorded
score tracks; but for a complitation of Barry Gray's music and all SPACE 1999 recordings,
I think it make sense to add this demo in best possible quality as bonus track on a FANDERSON
CD release too.

And a unrealeased personal wish from me, was the KINDRED-Making-Of-SPACE1999 documentary
theme, composed by THE CLUBB BROTHERS.
I found absolutly nothing about THE CLUBB BROTHERS in the internet(google or wikipedia);
so I don't know anything about THE CLUBB BROTHERS.
But if the music is exclusive composed for the Kindred SPACE 1999 documentary, then it
can be not a big problem to license this music for the release of FANDERSON-CD-release.
I think, this extremly dramatic and powerful music is very compatible with the original score
compositions of Year-1 and Year-2.
And I am very sure, that all extended, alternate or unused compositions of THE CLUBB
BROTHERS for the Kindred documentary are very welcome too !
So I am sure, a lot of SPACE 1999 music fans will be very happy like me, if all this music
is released in the future on CD.
May be a compilation promo CD like SLEEPING ASTRONAUTS(FANS11) from 2004
And if possible, FANDERSON should be to attempt a licence for the extended SILVER-SCREEN
recordings of the SPACE 1999 YEAR-1&2 and other Gerry ANDERSON shows maintitles to get.
SILVER SCREEN recruited Derek Wadsworth to arranged this extended versions.
And this are in my opinion the best existent new recordings of the maintitles in extended version.
Also the recording of the DOPPELGÄNGER suite.
If possible they should be be all contained in a future FANDERSON compilation CD.
BSX-Records did it with the SILVER SCREEN recording of James Horner's theme of BATTLE
BEYOND THE STARS, to add this recording as bonus material on their 2011 CD release of BATTLE
This is my last hope to get all this recordings together on one CD from FANDERSON.

The missing Ennio Morricone score is now announced.
I have the SPAZIO 1999 theme on the 1995 compilation CD Ennio Morricone Collection : TIME
OF ADVENTURES - BMG 74321-31551-2 - Track 4 : SPACE 1999 (from "Spazio : 1999) = 04:20
(also exist a identical italian CD version from RCA RECORDS 74321-25444-2)
I am a big fan of Maestro Ennio Morricone, and I have a great collection of CDs from his scores ...;
so I can't wait to hear his complete composition for SPACE 1999. And I look also forward his composition
for Terrence Malick's IMAX film VOYAGE OF TIME.

And now I look hopeful forward a DOPPELGÄNGER CD release in the near future(but if I remember
corrct, the next release will be a CD-set of JOE 90).

 Posted:   Jul 28, 2016 - 9:25 AM   
 By:   Score-Man-X   (Member)

But dont they have special relationship with gerry anderson estate? They did sleeping astronauts which is about 3-5 minutes or more. Done as fan gift. It came from somewhere.

No, they don't. Their relationship - as I've said before - is mainly with ITV, and if you did Doppelganger, I presume you'd have to deal with Universal anyway, regardless of where the tapes come from, for licensing reasons. There's no reason I suppose why one of the specialist labels couldn't do Doppelganger... (and no reason why Fanderson couldn't, if they ever managed to do some sort of deal).

I've no idea how 'Sleeping Astronauts' came about (as it is from Doppelganger IIRC), but I assume that one sort of 'slipped through' as Barry Gray had the tapes. That was first released many years ago on a vinyl EP, before tv music started getting the releases that it now does. Not sure that would happen now.

I am a fan of DOPPELGÄNGER / JOURNEY TO THE FARE SIDE OF THE SUN and its soundtrack,
from the firs monet I saw this film in the early 80's on TV. I read in the last 25 years a lot of informations
about this film and its soundtrack in magazines and internet. But I am only human an not a computer.
So I am not sure about the current quality of all following informations.
I checked only the IMDb for the producer status of UNIVERSAL on DOPPELGÄNGER.
And IMDb confirmed my memory: DOPPELGÄNGER was originally a pure CENTURY-21 production!
For a better chance of professional international distribution of this expensive film,
CENTURY-21 sold distribution rights UNIVERSAL. So UNIVERSAL was not involved in any aspects
of the production. And I don't know, if UNIVERSAL have additional merchandising rights on this
This may be the explanation for a rumor, that I read round 10 years ago somewhere in the internet.
Somebody has checked the UNIVERSAL archives, has found no tapes from the DOPPELGÄNGER
score; and the consequence was, that Barry Gray's score was declared as "lost" and a release is
not possible ! This or/and other rumors led to a reaction of Ralph Titterton, owner of the complete
Barry Gray musical recording archive. In a FAB-magazin(#?? - a issue within the last 6 or 7 years)
Ralph Titterton confirmed official, that he has the DOPPELGÄNGER recording tapes with the
complete recordings for the score in absolutely best quality and a release on CD is definitely
possible. This was a very important information. It was official confirmed, that the score is not lost
and a CD release is possible.
The question is now from which CD label. For me it is not important, that this score comes from a
special label. All CD labels do a fine job. But who ever want release the DOPPELGÄNGER score
on CD, need not only the rights; heneed also the tapes from Ralph Titterton to release it.
As BSX-Records released both scores to THUNDERBIRDS ARE GO and THUNDERBIRD 6,
They only found mono recording tapes at MGM. And that only on the reason, that MGM was for both
films the original producer; not ITC.
But Barry Gray probably hat a bad feeling to archives the recording tapes of his music somewhere
out of his control.
That is the logical explanation, that are only mono copies of his score to THUNDERBIRD 6
in the MGM voult and the stereo tapes in his own archiv.
And LA-LA-LAND RECORDS does the proper step, after they get the rights from MGM, to bring
Ralph Titterton on board the production of their release of the TUNDERNIRD's scores.
It is of course again possible, that LA-LA-LAND or another CD label get the right for the
DOPPELGÄNGER score from ITC or if possible from UNIVERSAL, and bring again Ralp Titterton
on board the production. But exept the THUNDERBIRD film scores and the Barry Gray commercials
recordings(STAND BY FOR ADVERTS) on TRUNK RECORDS(2011); all other current Barry Gray
music releases came from FANDERSON. So I think DOPPELGÄNGER will be again a FANDERSON
CD release.
And I think, it was the right decision of Barry Gray to archive his music self. If we look, how many great
soundtracks from film and TV are lost forever ...
I am not sure, where and whenI read it; but I am very sure to rememberm that somebody
(Ralp Titterton self ?) explained somwhere(in a FAB magazin ?); that at the time as SILVER-SCREEN
hold the license for Barry Gray's music, Ralph Titterton offered tham the DOPPELGÄNGER tapes.
But it was the time about 2005/2006 and the CDs of SPACE 1999 where not the great commercial
success. And another old SF-franchise make a big comeback with more attraction of a commercial
success, as the old Anderson productions: DOCTOR WHO !
So a release of the DOPPELGÄNGER score on SILVER SCREEN never saw the light of the day.
Today I bed my money on FANDERSON.
And I think, we can be very surem taht it will be not long in the future, that this score will released
on CD. Why?
Well..., fortunately or unfortunately(this is a question of the everyones perspective) Barry Gray has not
the compositional output, like Ennio Morricone with over 400 soundtrack compositions.
If somebody want release really all Morricone scores complete on CD, he have a job for the rest of
his life. If there is a composer, its lifetime work will be complete available in the next few years on CD,
then it is not John Williams, or Jerry Goldsmith ore John Barry or Ennio Morricone.
Barry Gray's complete soundtrack works are very clear, and if I look, what of Gray's scores is
released on CD, and what is not released; than I think, we can expect the DOPPELGÄNGER score
within the next 3 years.
No later than 2019; the 50th Anniversary of the film.

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