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 Posted:   May 23, 2018 - 3:01 PM   
 By:   Justin Boggan   (Member)

I'm working on a fan fiction story for the series, so I decided to re-watch the show, being as I've seen (as of earlier this year) almost nothing in over a decade. So I decided to take this opportunity to start a new thread about the show's scoring, where I can mention highlights.

As some of you no doubt know, the entire first season was scored by fellow Oingo Boingo member Richard Gibbs (undoubtedly a recommendation of Elfman, who did the theme).

There were some brief highlights here and there, including Lisa looking at herself in the mirror at the beginning of "Moaning Lisa" and running away from the Babysitter Bandit in "Some Enchanted Evening" (the season finale, which was actually the first episode to be made but aired out-of-order because of serious animation issues that needed re-doing), but the real highlight is the scoring to "Bart the General", where the score riffs on Goldsmith's score to "Patton", complete with Echoplex trumpet effects. Examples:

 Posted:   May 23, 2018 - 4:18 PM   
 By:   Justin Boggan   (Member)


This season the series really tries to pin the characters, looks, and general ideas and settings down more. In the first season, for example, such glaring differences included: Wiggum and Moe having different hair colors (as well as Moe wearing a pink apron), Barney having yellow hair, Smithers being black in his first episode, Lenny and Carl's voice actors being switched around in their first episode, and Lou (the black police officer) being white in one episode. Even Sideshow Bob looked somewhat different his first appearance. And of course location exterior and interior changes; for example: Moe's Tavern had an old wild west wooden swing door for the entrance, and Mr. Burns had a completely different and smaller office and sliding-glass doors behind him.

I guess they weren't happy with the scoring and Gibbs was not seen again.

"Bart Gets an F"
By: Arthur B. Rubinstein
FOX pay link:

  • 14:22 in. Training Martin montage.
  • 15:45 in. Bart asking God for help.
  • 18:17 in. The winter wonderland montage happening outside that Bart sees.

    Sideshow Bob can be seen briefly singing with the town's people, in regular cloths, even though he doesn't get out of prison until his second episode which comes later this season.

    "Simpson and Delilah"
    By: Patrick Williams (the 5:09 example)
    FOX pay link:

    For some reason this was his only effort for the series.

  • 4:17 in. The alley exchange music, although short.
  • 5:09 in. The spirited music when Homer runs around showing off his hair, with a film-like ending.
  • 13:14 in. A low-key cues as Smithers sneaks around, opening with a solo bassoon.

    In spite of this being his only effort and that there are so many fine cues over the series run, this episode contains one of my favorite cues from the show -- the 5:09 example.

    This episode also features a one-time speaking character named Karl; one of those characters you'd wish would have another episode, but instead winds up being seen in the background of future episodes.

    That's it for today.

     Posted:   May 23, 2018 - 6:30 PM   
     By:   Timothy J. Phlaps   (Member)

    My favourite cue in season one is Homer driving the RV through the woods in "Call of The Simpsons."

    I'd kill for a release of the score from the series. Please ask me to kill for a release of the score from this series.

     Posted:   May 24, 2018 - 6:54 AM   
     By:   mstrox   (Member)

    My guess is that if there was a chance, the reported slow sales of the Family Guy score release would put a damper on Fox's interest.

    Honestly, I'd be excited with just a Volume 4 of the song releases, with snippets of score. It's been 11 years since the last one, and while the songs have slowed down, I know that they'd have enough (including songs not released from the earlier seasons) to field a good release.

     Posted:   May 24, 2018 - 3:38 PM   
     By:   Justin Boggan   (Member)

    Continuing SEASON TWO:

    "Treehouse of Horror"
    By: Alf Clausen
    FOX purchase link: I couldn't readily find it.

    This is Clausen's first effort for the series. I know, it seems like he's been there since the beginning.

  • The peice as the Simpsons are abducted by the aliens.
  • Kang's speach about what the Simpsons could have had.
  • The whole score to whole"The Raven" segment. When I think of this classic Edger Allen Poe writing, I think of two things: this and and Glenn Beck's radio reading of it.
    (The Raven:
    (Beck's reading:
  • And the closing cue in.

    Kang: "On this cable system we receive over one million channels from the furthest reaches of the galaxy."
    Bart: "Do you get HBO?"
    Kang: "No, that would cost extra."

    "Two Cars in Every Garage and Three Eyes on Every Fish"
    By: Arthur B. Rubinstein
    FOX purchase link:

    Unfortunately, this is Rubinstein's final effort for the series.

  • 1:16 in: the brief interpretation of Elfman's theme.
  • 2:07 in: the piece when Bart catches the three-eyed fish.
    (most of the cue can be heard here:
  • 5:44 in: the piece as Burns drinks alone after getting the bad news.
  • 13:22 in: the montage of Burns going around boosting his image.
  • 20:08 in: the dinner scene as Burns tries to eat the fish.

    Special Note: The three-eyed fish can actually be briefly seen in season one, as well as in an episode of "Futurama".

    Mr. burns: "This anonymous clan of slack-jawed troglodytes has cost me the election, and yet if I were to have them killed, I would be the one to go to jail. That's democracy for you."
    Smithers: "You are noble and poetic in defeat, sir."

    "Dancin' Homer"
    By: Alf Clausen
    FOX purchase link:

  • 9:38 in: the simple and repeating piece when a baseball player hits a ball.
  • 11:50 in: the short kind of school band piece.

    So far, this is one of the two most forgettable episodes of the series.

    Mascot: "Ahhh Mancini -- the mascot's best friend."

    "Dead Putting Society" (2.6)
    By: Ray Colcord
    FOX purchase link:

    This is Colcord's only effort for the series. I'm starting to wonder with the stream of composers in this season, if maybe some scores were tossed.

  • 15:06/16:01/21:55 in: Lisa teaching Bart to meditate. Brief little bits, but there's also another brief bit like them at the end of the next cue. Maybe they could be edited onto that cue without it being noticeable.
  • 16:15 in: the cue as Bart practices golfing.
  • 19:17 in. Only ten seconds, but it's so lovely.
  • 20:23 in: reprising the material from the 16:15 example.
  • 22:10 in.
  • 24:13 in.

    A fine score. He should have been asked back.

    Lisa: "It's time like this I'm thankful dad has little to no interest in everything I do."

     Posted:   May 25, 2018 - 3:31 PM   
     By:   Justin Boggan   (Member)

    Due to a mislabeled video, I accidentally skipped ahead to an episode; tomorrow I will pick up une in-between missed ones.

    Continuing SEASON TWO:

    "Bart vs. Thanksgiving"
    By: Alf Clausen
    FOX purchase link:

    From this point on all the episodes are scored by Clausen, so I don't think I need to list him on each episode from now on.

  • 7:05 in. The brief music while Marge is preparing the Thanksgiving meals.
  • 8:13 in. The short piece wen Lisa brings in her project.
  • 12:13 in. The brief cue as Bart is chased by the hounds.
  • 22:03 in. Bart's rooftop apology, which also closes out the episode.

    "Bart the Daredevil"
    FOX purchase link:

  • 3:34 in.
  • 7:11 in. The Truckosaurus attack music.
  • 13:18 in. There's a brief lull and some more music. Heck, I think you can edit on the piece for Bart's first jump onto the opening.
  • 18:59 in. Bart showing up to jump the gorge.
  • 20:29 in.

    "Itchy and Scratchy and Marge" (load is slowed down)
    FOX purchase link: I couldn't readily find a link.

  • 3:22/4:22 in. The "Psycho homage after Maggie attacks Homer.
  • 7:44/9:22/22:55 in. The cue as Marge and family are protesting outside with signs.
  • 19:51/24:20 in. The classical music take. The second one is a downbeat short take. And the "Itchy & Scratchy" music afterwards.

    I think I hear a tracked cue by either Gibbs or Rubinstein.

    "Bart Gets Hit by a Car" (load is slowed down)
    FOX purchase link:

  • 1:30 in. A take on Elfman's theme, very much like the opening credits.
  • 2:21 in. Bart's escalator ride to Heaven, with the late Phil Hartman speaking for Heaven. Phil also plays Moses a few episodes down. And 5:53 when he ascends from Hell.
  • 7:35 in. Just a nice cue when Homer pulls out the Lionel Hutz sponge and goes to see him.
  • 13:41 in. Bart's court room recollection.
  • 21:35/22:23/23:53 in. The sad pieces. 24:29 can close it off.

    I love the continuity if the episode. Snowball I -- mentioned in the first-aired episode of the series as having been ran over and died, is seen in Heaven. The Devil as seen in this episode, also appears again (in that one Hartman plays Moses in). And when an injured Bart is touched, he says "Quit it", which was a reframe from an episode earlier.

    Smithers: "Defenseless child at three o'clock!"

    Mr. Burns: "My attorneys have advised me to pay you for running over your child, so I'm cutting you a check."

    "One Fish, Two Fish, Blowfish, Blue Fish"
    FOX purchase link:

  • 9:13 in.
  • 14:18 in. Homer hanging with Abe.
  • 20:11 in. The tender piano and strings piece as Homer says good-bye to the family
  • 21:43 in. One of the cues I initially took note of when watching the series. Works very well in the episode.

    Smithers is checking out a girl with binoculars. I guess they hadn't decided about Smithers yet.

    "The Way We Was"
    FOX purchase link: (load is slowed down)

  • 16:00/16:43 in. The piano and strings piece as young Homer asks out young Marge. the second half takes a dramatic turn.
  • 22:50 in. More ad strings and piano music.
  • 24:51 in. Young Marge finding and picking up Homer.

    "Homer vs. Lisa and the 8th Commandment" (mis-titled in the link)
    FOX purchase link:

  • 1:20/2:00 in.
  • 8:32 in. Lisa imagining Hell.

    "Old Money"
    FOX purchase link:

  • 7:40/8:06/8:31 in. "Discount African Safari!"
  • 9:17 in. And after the commercial break. The sad music.
  • 18:31 in. The short cue as Abe walks around the poor areas of town.
  • 22:00 in. The classy cue as Abe decides what to spend his money on and the results. Another cue I took note of originally when noticing the show's scoring.

    Mr. Burns makes the off-hand comment that the ownership of the nuclear power plant is divided. I don't think we ever learn who the other owner is. In fact, it's ignored later (in another episode) when he sells the plant to Germans.

     Posted:   May 27, 2018 - 3:18 PM   
     By:   Justin Boggan   (Member)

    "Principal Charming"
    FOX purchase link:

  • 6:12 in. The brief militaristic bit s Homer tries to find a man for Selma. More at about 7:25. the bit between the two where Bart pulls out the herbicide, could be used as a closing it the cues were combined.
  • About 7:50 in. The bit as Skinner races to the top of the school.
  • About 15:10 in. The "Space Mutants 5" movie music.
  • 16:40 in. The Selma/Skinner montage music.
  • 21:05 in. The Selma/Skimmer breaking up music.

    "Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?"
    FOX purchase link:

  • 13:21/13:41 in. Herb hanging out with the Simpson family.
  • 20:00 in. The montage piece as the Homer-designed vehicle comes to fruition.

    Had to skip "Bart's Dog Gets an F"; no load found.

    "Brush with Greatness"
    FOX purchase link:

  • 6:13 in. Homer's vow to lose weight.
  • 10:44 in. Homer's training montage music, a riff of the "Rocky" training music.
  • 21:18 in.

    This is Apu's first appearance outside the mart, speaking, that I recall.

    Bart: "Hey, mom, did he have those spots all over his body?" (after Marge sees Mr. Burns naked)
    Mr. Burns: "I heard that!" (briefly opening the bathroom door)

    "Lisa's Substitute"
    FOX purchase link:

  • 9:34 in. The Bart campaigning music montage.
  • 13:50 in. The piece as Lisa practices what to say to Mr. Bergstrom.
  • 1711: in. Lisa saying good-bye to Bergstrom.

    "Three Men and a Comic Book" (mislabeled video name)
    FOX purchase link:

  • 18:58/19:53/20:08/20:39 in. The Tree house fight music.

    Another mislabeled video means I'll have to pick up the missed ones up next time, which will be Tuesday.

     Posted:   May 29, 2018 - 2:25 PM   
     By:   Justin Boggan   (Member)

    Finishing SEASON TWO:

    "The War of the Simpsons"
    FOX purchase link:

  • 16:33 in. Continues after the commercial. The battle with the big fish. And the other little bits with the fish.
  • 20:50 in. Tossing the fish, making up, and the cleaning up the house piece.

    "Blood Feud"
    FOX purchase link:

  • in.
  • 6:50 in. Mr. Burns dictating his epitaph.
  • 14:51 in. The short cue as Homer sneaks into Mr. Burns' office.
  • 18:24 in. Smithers admitting to Burns he didn't have Homer beat up.

    Homer is on his third supervisor. The first one we saw retired the first time we saw him, the other was only seen once and no explanation was given for where he went. Now Carl is his supervisor.

    Mr. Burns gift is scene again the basement in another season.

    And that concludes season two. Moving on to the next season...

     Posted:   May 29, 2018 - 3:52 PM   
     By:   Justin Boggan   (Member)


    "Stark Raving Dad"
    FOX purchase link:

  • 15:03 in. The "Michael Jackson?!" phone call montage.
  • 17:38 in. Lisa writing her angry letter to Bart.

    Smithers: "Careful men -- he wets his pants."

    "Mr. Lisa Goes to Washington"
    FOX purchase link:

  • 5:11 in. The bald Eagle inspiration.
  • 5:53 in. The easy contest montage.
  • 14:27 in. Lisa visiting the monuments.
  • 14:54 in. The next cue shortly thereafter. And after the commercial break, using an old familiar tune.
  • 19:09 in.

    "We the purple? What the hell was that?"

    "When Flanders Failed"
    FOX purchase link:

  • 19:05 in. Flanders crying over events.
  • 19:44 in. The montage of Homer calling up people, and Ned arriving to find the miracle. Almost a minute and-a-half long.

    We never saw what Flanders did for a living, but in this episode he says he was a pharmaceuticalist for ten years.

    We get to hear the "Itchy and Scratchy" end credits song. I don't recall hearing this used again.

    I think this is the first time we've seen Mr. Burn have a pet: a white cat. I don't recall seeing the cat again, but I'll keep an eye out.

    This may one of the few times Homer ever actually felt bad about being mean to Flanders, and actually doing a kind act for the Flanderisises.

     Posted:   May 30, 2018 - 3:59 PM   
     By:   Justin Boggan   (Member)

    Continuing SEASON THREE:

    "Bart the Murderer"
    FOX purchase link:

  • 1:52 in. Missing the bus.
  • 4:00 in. The Aztecs and chocolate video music.
  • 4:35 in. The kids going wild in the chocolate factory.
  • 14:39 in. The montage cue as the police search for Skinner.
  • 16:00/16:50 in. Bart's nightmare.

    Homer: "Kill my boy! Kill my boy!"

    "Homer Defined"
    FOX purchase link:

  • 3:56/4:21/5:01/6:40/7:37/8:40/9:19/9:47 in. The building plant meltdown and Homer dealing with it. I missed one little bit, but I don't want to go back to note the time.
  • 13:47 in. Marge reading the award plaque.
  • 20:28 in. Another meltdown cue. Probably can't be edited into the cues in the first highlight, which could be a suite.

    Smithers mentions having a mom who is still living, and having a pet: A tiny Yorkshire Terrier (a grey dog that he shows a photo of). I don't think we've seen the dog ever again or ever seen his mother, but this is from my vast useless knowledge of the first eight or so seasons; we'll see. I'm going to stop about season ten.

    This is also the first episode to imply Smithers is ... you know...

    The old file photo of Homer that Smithers pulls up, has it listed he's a Sector 7-G employee, but I not only recall Homer was promoted in an earlier episode -- making that photo of him with some hair incorrect, but Homer's amount of hair was different when he joined the plant.

    Kent Brockman: "On the line with us now is plant owner C. Montgomery Burns. Mr. Burns..."
    Mr. Burns: "Oh, hello, Kent. Right now skilled nuclear energy technicians are calmly correcting a minor piffling malfunction." (cut to people running around screaming and others breaking into a vending machine)
    Mr. Burns: "But I can assure you and the public there's absolutely no danger whatsoever. Things couldn't be more ship-shape." (cut to Smithers putting a thick nuclear safety suit on Mr. Burns)
    Smithers: "Sir, where's my radiation suit?"
    Mr. Burns: "How the hell should I know?" (covering up the "Smithers" name label on the suit)
    Kent Brockman: "Ah, Mr. Burns, people are calling this a meltdown."
    Mr. Burns: "Oh, hoho, meltdown. It's one of those annoying buzz words. We prefer to call it an unrequested fission surplus."

    "Like Father, Like Clown"
    FOX purchase link:

  • 3:20 in. The music for Bart's angry letter to Krusty.
  • 11:35 in. Krusty walking around after leaving the Simpson's house.
  • About 20:50 in. Krusty re-uniting with his father

    I think this is Sideshow Mel's first appearance.

    Another character I don't recall ever seeing again: Miss Pennycandy -- Krusty's executive assistant.

    Apu is calling a sex chat line, even though he said in a prior episode he has a wife (and we do see her and their kids later on, so he is married).

    "Treehouse of Horror II"
    FOX purchase link:

  • 5:17 in. The world peace montage music.
  • 9:16 in. "Twilight Zone" parody music.
  • 13:21 in. Homer sneaking up on Bart.

    Tombstones in the graveyard opening credits include:
    Bambi's Mom
    Walt Disney

    "Lisa's Pony"
    FOX purchase link:

  • 7:01/7:28 in.
  • 11:50 in. Parodying the scene and music from the infamous decapitated horse head in "The Godfather". Which is followed by a brief homage to "The Magnificent Seven" Bernstein score.
  • 18:16 in. Homer's dream at the wheel. One of my personal favorite cues of the series.
  • 21:55 in. The closing cue.

    Voicing error: the Nelson's voice comes out of Ralph's mouth in one scene.

    Marge: "We're just gonna have to cut down in luxuries," after running their finances.
    Homer: "Well, you know, we're always buying Maggie vaccinations for diseases she doesn't even have."
    Marge: "Actually, I was thinking we could cut down on your beer."
    Homer: "Nah, we're not gonna be doing that."

     Posted:   May 30, 2018 - 5:41 PM   
     By:   Timothy J. Phlaps   (Member)

    We get to hear the "Itchy and Scratchy" end credits song. I don't recall hearing this used again.

    It's in The Front from season 4.

     Posted:   May 31, 2018 - 2:35 PM   
     By:   Justin Boggan   (Member)

    Cool, I'll keep an ear out for it.

    Continuing SEASON THREE:

    "Saturdays of Thunder"
    FOX purchase link:

  • 5:10 in. The McBain movie scoring.
  • 13:52 in. The soapbox racing music
  • 17:30 in. The brief John Williams Olympic fanfare homage.
  • 20:18 in. More soapbox racing, with another brief "Ben Hur" music parody.

    This is the second time Patty or Selma has maced Barney in the eyes.

    Marge: "Well, we're going to the beauty parlor. Maybe you should do something with the kids while I'm gone."
    Homer: "Oh, sure, great idea - I'd love to!" (looks down to see Lisa after Marge has shut the front door)
    Homer: "D'oh! Did you hear that?"
    Lisa: "Yes."
    Homer: "How much?"
    Lisa: "Everything."
    Homer: "What the quickest, cheapest, easiest way to do something with you?"
    Lisa: "Ahhh, take us to the video store?"
    Homer: "Anything for my little girl."

    "Flaming Moe's"

    "Burns Verkaufen der Kraftwerk"
    FOX purchase link:

  • 1:25/1:45 in. Burns' sadness.
  • 3:38/4:20 in. Homer imaging what to do with the money. The second part of Bart thinking about what to do with the money.
  • 11:00 in. Mr. Burns' farewell to Smithers.
  • 13:36 in. Homer's "Land of chocolate" daydreaming dream. One of my favorite cues of the series. Assuming this isn't tracked existing music (I still would love it and want it on CD, though).
  • 21:51 in. Mr. Burns' Sword of Damocles speech music.

    Horst: "Homer, could we have a word with you?"
    Homer: "No," nervously, worried he'll be fired.
    Horst: "I must have phrased that badly. My English is, how you say, inelegant. I meant to say, may we have a brief, friendly chat?"
    Homer: "Noooo!"
    Horst: "Once again I have failed," opens a German to English dictionary.
    Horst: "We request the pleasure of your company for a free exchange of ideas."
    Homer: "NOOOOO!!!" Homer runs away screaming.

    "I Married Marge"
    FOX purchase link:

  • 8:17 in. The brief cue where Marge reads the marriage proposal card.
  • 11:14 in. Could be added to the above cue.
  • 15:24 in. Homer leaving young Marge.
  • 19:15 in. The brief bit where Homer is storming onto plant grounds to get a job.
  • 21:47 in. Homer's speech to the kids.

    The Simpsons' family past in this episode is contradicted in a later episode.
    Their marriage is also contradicted by a later episode, too.

    Younger Homer is wearing a "I Shot J.R." T-shirt.

    Vacationing Kid: "What a crappy candle," crying.
    Vacationing Kid's Dad: "You've ruined our vacation!"

    "Radio Bart"
    FOX purchase link:

  • 10:00 in. The cue for Willie going for help.
  • 16:02 in. The brief Axel F theme parody.
  • 19:45/20:53 in. Bart's recognition of what he's done and Homer and people coming to Bart's rescue.
  • 22:00 in.

    I'm surprised that after years of abuse, Sideshow Mel hasn't also tried to kill Krusty. He could partner up with Sideshow Bob.

    Homer: "I'll buy his love yet."

     Posted:   May 31, 2018 - 7:15 PM   
     By:   TerraEpon   (Member)

  • 13:36 in. Homer's "Land of chocolate" daydreaming dream. One of my favorite cues of the series. Assuming this isn't tracked existing music (I still would love it and want it on CD, though)

    Er, it IS on CD though, the first of the three they released, "Go Simpsonic with The Simpsons"

     Posted:   Jun 1, 2018 - 1:17 AM   
     By:   Marc   (Member)

    Very cool thread !
    Thought I'd share this arrangement I've done of the main theme which I entirely played on the french horn smile
    ( also created a unique "horn-customed" opening sequence for it ! )

     Posted:   Jun 1, 2018 - 1:29 PM   
     By:   Timothy J. Phlaps   (Member)

    the first of the three they released, "Go Simpsonic with The Simpsons"

    That was the second. The first was Songs in the Key of Springfield.

     Posted:   Jun 1, 2018 - 3:32 PM   
     By:   Justin Boggan   (Member)

    Continuing SEASON THREE:

    "Lisa the Greek"
    FOX purchase link:

  • 16:21 in. Lisa giving away her Malibu Stacey accessories.
  • 21:26 in.

    Continuing the running gag that the Springfield library is almost completely empty.Lisa's favorite song: "The Broken Neck Blues"

    Troy McClure announces he has a TV series: "Handle with Care"; a retired cop sharing an apartment with a criminal.

    That guy in Moe's Tavern wearing a hat and glasses gets what is probably the most lines he's ever had, consisting of three words.

    Homer: "Money comes and money goes, but what I have with my daughter can go on for eight more years!"

    "Homer Alone"
    FOX purchase link:

  • 1:13 in. Bart running away from Homer.
  • 7:26 in. Marge getting out of the car.
  • 16:07/16:25 in. Maggie escaping the house to find Marge.
  • 21:30 in. Homer taking the kids to meet Marge at the train station.

    I guess "Marge Simpson Day" disappeared.

    Troy McClure says you may remember him from the fictional film: "Gladous the Groovy Mule". In today's CGI kids flicks, this is now a realistic title; I can imagine that shit now, complete with a Harry Gregson-Williams score.

    "Bart the Lover"
    FOX purchase link:

  • 7:27 in.
  • 8:04/12:37/16:29 in. Miss Krabbapel reading the fake letters.
  • 21:11 in. Edna getting her last love letter.

    Sugar in Krabappel's gas tank; her ex husband strikes again. Though we've yet to see him.

    "Ernest Needs a Kidney" (playing in the theater).

    Jimmy: "Come back, zinc! Come back!"

    "Homer at the Bat"
    FOX purchase link:

  • 2:03/2:50 in. Homer recollecting how he made his baseball bat.
  • 3:56/4:15/12:39/13:14/20:40/21:48 in. 6:15 might make a good opening.
  • 5:05 in. The "Take Me Out to the Ball Game" montage homage piece.

    How in the world does Homer make a baseball bat that turns out like that when in just the previous episode, he was horrendous at working with wood to build a dog house.

    Homer: "Ha ha, cops can't win!"
    Wiggum: "Get his license and registration."

     Posted:   Jun 1, 2018 - 9:04 PM   
     By:   TerraEpon   (Member)

    That was the second. The first was Songs in the Key of Springfield.

    Whoops, a derp on me because I didn't look at the tracklists and was doing a quick visual pass on my digital rip. Regardless, it's on that CD (Go Simpsonic)

     Posted:   Jun 2, 2018 - 2:57 PM   
     By:   Justin Boggan   (Member)

    Continuing SEASON THREE:

    "Separate Vocations"
    FOX purchase link:

  • 2:05/2:43 in. The montage of transporting the C.A.N.T. test results.
  • 7:19/7:30/8:028:41 in. The cop car chase music, more in the style of an old police drama decades ago.
  • 16:23/16:47/17:00 in. The brief swing band bits.
  • 18:00 in. Lisa stealing all the teacher's edition books.
  • 19:45 in. The lockers search, beginning with a homage to the "Batman" swirling logo music. Also has another Axel F theme parody.

    Miss Krabappel says her husband is running naked on a beach with his marriage counselor.

    Skinner shows Bart a secret room full of stuff that Skinner says whenever a teacher confiscates something fro ma student, it ends up here, but mere episodes ago Bart had something confiscated and the teacher opened a drawer and put it in there with other confiscated items.

    Bart: "Wow! Can I see your club?"
    Lou: "It's called a baton, son."
    Bart: "Oh. What's it for?"
    Lou: "We club people with it."

    Bart: "You got the brains and the talent to go as far as you want. And when you do, I'll be right there to borrow money."

    "Dog of Death"
    FOX purchase link:

  • About 7:19 in. The brief bit as they go to the animal hospital.
  • 12:03/12:18 in. Animal hospital waiting and Santa's Little Helper going to Heaven.
  • 15:39 in. The piece as the dog leaves home.
  • 16:14 in. The classical music piece.
  • 20:45 in. Santa's Little Helper attacking and remember times with Bart. Almost a minute long.

    Kent Brockman wins the lottery. And he doesn't lose the money and as far as I know, was still rich when stopped watching new episodes.

    And with this episode I think it's clear they've finally decided about Smithers.

    Homer: "In Doggy Heaven there's mountains of bones and you can't turn around without sniffing another dog's butt!"

    Smithers: "People like dogs, Mr. Burns."
    Mr. Burns: "Nonsense! Dogs are idiots. Think about it, Smithers. If I came into your house and started sniffing at your crotch and slobbering all over your face, what would you say?"
    Smithers: "Um, if you did it, sir?"

    "Colonel Homer"
    FOX purchase link:

  • 3:18 in. The music for another Mutant Space Aliens film.
  • 9:20 in. The ten-second banjo piece.
  • 16:17 in. A banjo and harmonica piece.

    One of the movie's playing at the large theater: "Ernest Cuts the Cheese".

    I really don't like this episode.

    Homer: "Your song touched me in a way I've never felt before. And which way to the can?"

    "Black Widower"
    FOX purchase link:

  • 3:13/5:12/5:31/6:33 in. Also includes a homage to the "Cool Hand Luke" score.
  • 4:45 in.
  • 15:55 in.
  • 18:26/19:03/19:18 in.
  • 20:09 in. One of my favorite cues of the series.

    I love this episode and it's one of my favorite episode scores.

    Sideshow Bob: "Soon I will kill you..." (under his breath while rubbing one of her feet)
    Selma: "Huh?" (sitting up)
    Sideshow Bob: "Son pied sent beau; French for: her foot smells lovely.
    Selma: "Oh." (laying back down)
    Sideshow Bob: "Prepare to be murdered..." (under his breath again)
    Selma: "Huh?" (sitting up again)
    Sideshow Bob: "Pa parda mai moul-doo. That's... Sanskrit for your toes are like perfume." ([Phonetic spelling)
    Selma: "Hahaha." (lays back down)
    Sideshow Bob: "Voy a matarle..." (under his breath)
    Selma: "What?"
    Sideshow Bob: "That's Spanish for... I'm going to kill you..." (saying the last part under his breath)
    Selma: "Say what?"

    "The Otto Show"
    FOX purchase link:

  • 18:33 in.
  • 19:15 in. Otto's bedtime story to Lisa.

    Otto murders KISS. Eh, no loss.

    Homer: "Son, if something's hard to do, then it's not worth doing."

     Posted:   Jun 2, 2018 - 4:32 PM   
     By:   Timothy J. Phlaps   (Member)

    "Dog of Death"

    FUN FACT: I missed the first broadcast of this episode in the UK because I got bitten by a dog and had to go to hospital to get a tetanus jab.

     Posted:   Jun 4, 2018 - 3:50 PM   
     By:   Justin Boggan   (Member)

    Finishing SEASON THREE:

    "Bart's Friend Falls in Love"
    FOX purchase link:

  • 1:01 in. The Indiana Jones parody music.
  • 6:10 in. The 'Fuzzy Bunny's Guide To You-Know-What' video music.
  • 10:00 in. Lisa imaging Homer's funeral.
  • 20:07 in. The Bart and Millhouse fight music.

    "Space Mutants VII" playing at the theater. Man do they crank out those space mutants movies in the show.

    Krabappel: "She's faking it."

    "Brother, Can You Spare Two Dimes?"
    FOX purchase link:

  • 8:25 in.
  • 9:55 in.
  • 10:28 in. The "Full power" chair experience music.
  • 17:13 in. Herb trying to figure out Maggie's cries.
  • 18:56 in.
  • 21:25 in. Homer and Herb making up.

    An interesting bit of trivia from IMDb:
    "At some point during the season, Todd Flanders's role as the brother was switched; before, he had been the smaller of the two, but since this episode, he has been the elder."

    Herb gives Bart membership to the NRA.

    Mr. Fink has a son and a wife. We briefly see the son.

    Mr. Burns: "Is this the one with the lazy sperm?" (as Homer walks in)
    Smithers: "Um hum."

    Lisa: "This award is the biggest farce I ever saw."
    Bart: "What about the Emmy's?"
    Lisa: "I stand correct."

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