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 Posted:   Feb 23, 2022 - 8:17 AM   
 By:   Justin Boggan   (Member)

I was going to do this show anyway at some point, some I am creating a place holder for now, because...

The show is coming back for new episodes:

Explanation why DiMaggio isn't back:

 Posted:   Feb 23, 2022 - 8:38 AM   
 By:   Timothy J. Phlaps   (Member)

Trying to do this without DiMaggio is absolutely nuts. Hope Hulu sees the error of their ways.

 Posted:   Feb 23, 2022 - 8:46 AM   
 By:   Goatmeal   (Member)

Would have loved a release of Tyng's Futurama music back in the day.

Sadly, because that kind of 'niche' animated music doesn't sell (if it ever did), that day has since passed...

 Posted:   Mar 2, 2022 - 7:55 AM   
 By:   Justin Boggan   (Member)

Bender's back, baby:

 Posted:   Dec 2, 2022 - 8:51 AM   
 By:   Justin Boggan   (Member)


The series that just keeps coming back from cancellation again and again. Hulu has ordered twenty new episodes (I don't know if that's one season or two).

All episodes are scored by Christopher Tyng.

Theme music is by Tyng as well.
Trivia: I can't find it at the moment, but there was a composer promo with a demo theme for the show. I want to say it Adam Cohen or Adam Berry, but a quick look at Majestyx's site didn't yield a find (I'm sure though, that's where I found it) . Ultimately I have no idea if the theme demo (which I've never heard) was something submitted for consideration, or if the composer was originally hired/being considered.

Attention readers: I have been implementing a system that is nothing more than a note to myself; for cues that I want to include in a suite one day, for now on I will denote them with ^ symbol. It has no special meaning to anyone else but myself. No, the lack of an up arrow symbol doesn't mean the cue is bad (it just may have too much SFX or FX for suite use or just isn't worth my time to edit and include). Hence forth this system will be in all future threads and pre-exiting threads that I go back to for missed episodes. Anything in ( ) are just notes to the arrow and you need not bother with that. The system does not mean that I will make a suite or that one has been made, it's simply for my own reference if and when I do decide to.

"Space Pilot 3,000"

  • 0:00 in. "Star Trek" theme parody music.^
  • 2:03 in.^
  • 2:47 in.^
  • 6:19 in. Bongo chase music.^
  • 7:00 in.^
  • 12:25/13:31 in.^
  • 14:44 in.
  • 16:07 in.^
  • 16:44 in.
  • 19:39 in.

    Classic. Sets up the premise of the show, gives hints at future things to come, including the infamous shadow (I'll talk about that later)

    We see the three-eyed fish from "The Simpsons" is now part of the future.

    Ooohhh, I forgot Leela's boss looks and talks like he's from India, so I guess that means since they got rid of Apu from "The Simpsons", surely new episodes will eliminate the only Indian character from this show, too, right? Otherwise they aren't being consistent dumbfucks.

    Some of the heads in the jars: Leonard Nimoy (duh), David Duchony, Liz Taylor, Dennis Rodman (shouldn't there be a separate jar for his penis?), Matt Groening, Nixon, B.J. Clinton and other Presidents, and Barbra Streisand. I'm surprised her head wants to share a shelf with other heads.

    Fry: "Has your race taken over the Earth?"
    Leela: "No, I just work here."

    Bender: "Bite my shiny metal ass."
    Fry: "It doesn't look so shiny."
    Bender: "Shinnier than yours, meatbag."

    Suicide Booth Computer Voice: "You are now dead."

    Bender: "I don't want people thinking we're robotsexuals [...]"

    Dick Clark: "Hello, I'm Dick Clark's head."

    Professor Farnsworth: "Let me show you around. That's my lab table, and this is my work stool, and over there is my intergalactic spaceship. And here's where I keep assorted lengths of wire."

    Bender: "We're boned."

    "The Series Has Landed"

  • 0:00 in.^
  • 0:29 in.
  • 13:22 in.^
  • 16:25/16:45 in.
  • 18:56/19:55 in.^
  • 20:35 in.

    Another good episode.

    Things I see that I don't remember seeing again in the series: A hole that opens in the belly of the ship to grab cargo (I recall them pushing cargo up the ramp door in future episodes), keys to start the ship, and a coffee dispenser on the dash. And why does the crate have to be hoisted down? IF the grabber thing can pick it up, why can't it put it back down?

    Leela: "I don't know about your previous captains, but I intended to do as little dying as possible."

    Professor Farnsworth: "Nothing will go wrong..." then whispers to Leela, "If something goes wrong, bring back the blood."

    Leela: "Okay, if everyone's finished being stupid--"
    Fry: "I had more, but you go ahead."

    Bender: "I'm going to build my own theme park! With blackjack and hookers! In fact -- forget the park."

    "I, Roommate"

  • 2:44 in.^
  • 8:30/8:54/9:13 in.^
  • 17:57 in. Short '60's jazz noir-style montage cue.^

    5:37 in: this is one of the cues on the obscure short score promo (which I have).

    We see a partial image of a Slurm commercial on TV. We've yet to really be introduced to Slurm yet.

    (NtM: 3:05, 7:04, 19:57, 21:12)

    Calculon: "I'm filled with a large number of powerful emotions."

    "Love's Labors Lost in Space"

  • 3:14 in.^
  • 6:19 in.
  • 15:15/15:32 in.^
  • 17:45/20:47 in.

    It's April 13th in-universe. So that would, spacing out the time, have each episode take place in one month, since the pilot took place partially on January 1st.

    The 21st century: cyborgs enslaved humanity.

    I kinda just once want to see a "saucy puppet show". You know, for research purposes. Puppety research purposes. Stacey puppety research purposes.

    First episode to have Brannigan and Kiff.
    I laughed way back when, when I saw the comedic bit with Brannigan climbing the metal ladder and Kiff accidentally looking up and getting TMI in the eye, but now I realize: they've been serving together for a while on that ship, so shouldn't Kiff by now know to avert his eyes from Brannigan climbs up?

    "First"/second episode with Nibbler.

    I had completely forgotten about this episode. And the whole thing feels really ... off.

    Fry: "I bet-cha Leela's holding out for a nice guy with one eye."
    Bender: "That would take forever. What she oughtta do is find a nice guy with two eyes and poke one out."
    Fry: "Yeah, that would be a time saver."

    Kiff: "The jackass wants to see you in his quarters."

    Zap: "Now you're officially my woman. Kodus, I can't say I don't envy you."

    "Fear of a Bot Planet"

  • 0:00 in.^
  • 9:13 in.^
  • 10:55 in.
  • 14:31 in.
  • 16:13 in.^
  • 20:27 in.^

    (NtM: 6:57, 8:05, 9:04, 13:30)

    Bender: "Admit it -- you all just think robots are just machines built by humans to make their lives easier."
    Fry: "Well, aren't they?"
    Bender: "I've never made anyone's life easier and you know it!"

    Hermes: "Now look here, Bender, I respect your diversity to the extent the law requires."

    Robot Elder: "Here, use the ceremonial killamajig."

     Posted:   Dec 9, 2022 - 7:44 AM   
     By:   Justin Boggan   (Member)

    Finishing SEASON 1:

    Season one was short.

    "A Fishful of Dollars"

  • 4:37 in.
  • 5:40 in.^
  • 7:07 in.^
  • 8:45 in.^
  • 18:42 in.^

    First episode with "Mom".

    Technically, there should be half of one left -- Fry didn't eat his entire slice and he didn't put it down. And after everyone throws their slices down, the open can of anchovies looks like it still has some in it.

    (NtM: 19:23)

    Bender: "I'm boned."

    "My Three Suns"

  • 0:00 in.^
  • 7:37 in.^
  • 8:57 in.
  • 14:05/14:27 in.^
  • 15:13 in.^
  • 15:41 in.^

    Leela is wearing a green sleeveless shirt instead of a white one. And it's all for a lame joke.

    (NtM: 7:03, 8:44)

    Leela: "Come on -- everybody help out Fry..." (and boy did he deserve all the help...)

    "A Big Piece of Garbage"

  • 1:25 in.^
  • 6:18 in.^
  • 8:47 in.^(open/close)
  • 13:35/14:55 in.^
  • 19:36 in.^
  • 20:21 in.^

    Professor Farnsworth had liver spots on his face when he was about 49 years old.

    How can Leela know a far away space pile is moving, after one sniff? And how can you smell odors from over four light years away?

    Okay, so some math: The giant garbage ball will hit the Earth in 72 hours. Hours later, maybe even the next day, they get a message saying it just passed Neptune. Neptune to Earth is approximately 4.2 light years (the speed light can travel in an hour), so that heaping pile of ball trash would be moving really, really, really slowly. The gravitation pull from other planets should have slowed it down or even sped it up. Well, there you go.

    The garbage ball has a pile of talking Bart Simpson dolls, which Fry recognizes, which would indicate "The Simpsons" is a TV show in "Futurama". At that point, there had been no crossover. Years later Matt Groening wrote a crossover comic, which back then was probably canon (Disney shit canned long-standing book and comic canon when they got Star Wars, so maybe when they got FOX, who knows). But then in 2014, in season twenty-six of "The Simpsons", they had a crossover:

    So the only way I can square this is either: that time Bart was working on Krusty's show, he had dolls made. Or: he became famous at a later date, at which Fry recognizes him. But neither pof which yet covers why a pull-string doll would utter one of his catch phrases.

    By the way, despite the contradictions throughout the series, Al Jean -- the same 'tard who reportedly axed Alf Clausen -- decided that Kang and Kodos are "a gay female couple in their species". Yeah, like that was ever needed.

    (NtM: 8:33, 15:38)

    Professor Farnsworth: "Good news, everyone: tomorrow you'll be making a delivery to Ebola IX -- the virus planet."
    Hermes: In an annoyed voice, "Why can't they go today?"

    Morbo: "Kittens give Morbo gas."

    "Hell Is Other Robots"

  • 0:29 in.^
  • 3:58 in.^
  • 6:51 in.
  • 8:19 in.^
  • 12:45 in.^
  • 15:26/16:00 in.^
  • 16:33 in.^
  • 16:49 in.^
  • 20:52 in.^

    Bender has a pornography ring.

    Continuity Error: Previously we've seen when a head jar falls, is smashes open, yet one of the Beatie Boys' head jar falls and it just bounces.

    (NtM: 0:40/gif, 9:57/gif)

    Robot Devil: "Robot Hell is quite real. Here's our broacher."

    Leela: "Who would have thought Hell would really exist? And that it would be in New Jersey."
    Fry: "Actually..."

    Bender: "Well, we're boned."

     Posted:   Dec 9, 2022 - 10:28 AM   
     By:   Goatmeal   (Member)

    Okay, so some math: The giant garbage ball will hit the Earth in 72 hours. Hours later, maybe even the next day, they get a message saying it just passed Neptune. Neptune to Earth is approximately 4.2 light years (the speed light can travel in an hour), so that heaping pile of ball trash would be moving really, really, really slowly. The gravitation pull from other planets should have slowed it down or even sped it up. Well, there you go.


    Thoroughly enjoying your Futurama posts.

    Minor math/astronomy quibble:

    I believe there is a typo in your statement above: it's ~4.2 light _hours_ (not light years) from Earth to Neptune.

    Earth to Neptune is ~2.8 billion miles on average. As for the speed, assume an entire day has passed since the initial warning and when it was observed to have passed Neptune (72 hr - 24 hrs = 48 hrs to Earth)

    Therefore, ~2.8 billion miles รท 48 hrs = ~58,000,000 miles/hr (~58 million miles/hr)

    Light travels at ~670,500,000 miles/hr, so while that's barely one-tenth lightspeed (~8.7%), it's still really fast!

     Posted:   Dec 10, 2022 - 1:50 PM   
     By:   roadshowfan   (Member)

    I've only recently discovered the joys of Futurama, and John DiMaggio as Bender in particular, so it's good to know he's on board for the reboot, though whether one was actually necessary is another matter.

    However, I was very pleased to find this amusing little edit of Bender as HAL9000 in 2001:

     Posted:   Dec 10, 2022 - 1:52 PM   
     By:   Justin Boggan   (Member)

    You have to edit your YouTube link. You are using a shortened link, which will not display, and is causing the FSM page to not load below it.

    Here's what you need:

     Posted:   Dec 14, 2022 - 9:23 AM   
     By:   Justin Boggan   (Member)

    SEASON 2:

    "A Flight to Remember"

  • 0:00 in. this is one of the cues on the obscure short score promo.
  • 2:26/3:07 in.^
  • 3:26/5:27/12:06/20:59 in.^
  • 9:05/11:42 in.
  • 14:58 in.^
  • 15:49/16:29/18:53/19:28/20:12 in.^

    I really feel, personally, it was with this episode score that Tyng cemented himself as the series composer and wasn't going to be replaced later. You know, unless of course Al Jean has a hand in the upcoming new season.

    (NtM: 1:28, 5:58, 7:19, 8:15, 14:27)

    Zap: "She's a beautiful ship, all right; shapely, seductive -- I'm gonna to fly her brains out."

    Leela: "Somethings wrong -- we're two metric tons over weight."
    Amy: "Well, it's not me."

    "Mars University"

  • 0:00 in.^
  • 1:06/4:39/6:05/13:56 in.^
  • 5:12 in.^
  • 14:17 in. Twenty-two seconds of tribal African chanting and percussion music. Sounds like the opening was not used, so maybe it's a tad longer.^
  • 15:57 in.^
  • 16:52 in. More African music.
  • 18:29/18:49 in.
  • 20:00 in. Short brass band parade music cue.

    This episode features an alternate presentation of the opening theme music. The regular end credits music is kept.

    Fry's laughing at the hat twice, is exactly something I can invision Homer Simpsons doing. Even Bart.

    (NtM: 6:33, 7:40/8:44, 15:48, 17:26 ~ 3:36/gif)

    Professor Farnsworth: "Well, in those days Mars was just a dreary un-inhabitable wasteland, eh, much like Utah. But unlike Utah, it was eventually made livable."

    Leela: "Don't take this the wrong way, Fry, but you don't seem like the educated type."

    Fry: "You tried to force Guenter to be human, but he's an animal; he belongs in the wild. Or in the circus on one of those tiny tricycles."

    "When Aliens Attack"

  • 0:00 in.^
  • 1:06 in.^
  • 2:57 in.^
  • 6:47 in. Alien invasion music. and.
  • 9:42 in. A cue like this is one of the examples I would give as to why Tyng should score an episode of "The Orville".^
  • 11:42/13:13 in. This one, too.
  • 21:20 in.

    New York electing a supervillain governor in the 2600's, in real life is something that at best is maybe fifty years away right now.

    Amy worried about being naked? I don't remember how much later, but we later find out nudity is perfectly acceptable in the future and all the crew gets naked.

    2443: the second coming of Jesus. And apparently he went. Again.

    Second episode to have a Bender penis joke.

    (NtM: 11:04/gif)

    Zap: "Stop exploding, you cowards!"

    "Fry & the Slurm Factory"

  • 7:08 in.^
  • 11:36 in.^
  • 12:12 in.^
  • 14:57/16:22 in. Action music with a couple of tiny lulls.
  • 17:36/18:51 in.^
  • 19:23/20:43 in.^

    Bender said in a prior episode he's made of recycled beer cans, but in this episode he says he's "40 percent zinc". Beer cans made of zinc?

    20:42 in: that brief disgusting scene ... hilariously disgusting.

    (NtM: 0:19, 14:41, 17:14)

    Slurm Factory Tour Slug: "Enough! There will be no further questions!"
    Fry: "Why?"

    Fry: "The secret ingredient is ... people!"
    Leela: "No, there's already a soda like that. Soylent Cola."
    Fry: "Oh. how is it?"
    Leela: "It varies from person-to-person."

    Bender: "I can't see what's happening -- are we boned?"
    Leela: "Yeah, we're boned."
    (I sure hope the new season brings back Bender's "we're boned" quotes)

    "I Second That Emotion"

  • 0:38/2:02 in.^
  • 1:21 in.^
  • 14:47 in.^
  • 18:47/19:34/ in.^

    Continuity error: Why didn't the magnetic can opener make Bender sing?

    Continuity errors: we were told the old city underneath the ground, was inhabited by mutants. In this episode Leela says it's a myth. Also in that prior episode, Fry and I think Bender, were walking in the underground city and saw nobody; here they run into a group of them just a pipe.
    And we never saw that subsewer of freakish mutants, refered to by the regular mutants.

    Maybe I missed it, but I thought I read you can briefly see Leela's parents in the background at one point.

    Nice touch that was missing from the episode: One of them -- once out of the sewer -- should have flushed a guitar string.

    (NtM: 21:49)

    Leela: "How would you feel if I flushed Fry down the toilet?"
    Bender: Leaned back in a chair smoking a cigar, "Only one way to find out."

    Leela: "So long, jerkwads!"
    Professor Farnsworth: "So long!"

     Posted:   Dec 15, 2022 - 9:56 AM   
     By:   Goatmeal   (Member)

    Bender said in a prior episode he's made of recycled beer cans, but in this episode he says he's "40 percent zinc". Beer cans made of zinc?

    Bender saying he's composed of "40% [insert element]" is an on-going joke through the subsequent seasons.

     Posted:   Dec 19, 2022 - 11:57 AM   
     By:   Justin Boggan   (Member)

    Continuing SEASON 2:

    "Brannigan Begin Again"

  • 1:37 in.^
  • 4:58 in.^
  • 7:09 in.^
  • 15:21 in.^
  • 17:13/17:44 in.^
  • 19:36 in.^

    0:00 in: pretty sure this is just an edited piece of the extended theme remix found on obscure short score promo.

    I hope the new season has the Neutral planet again.

    I'm not one of those people who pine for "sexy" cartoon women, but I have to ask: Once Leela stepped onto the gravity=heavy planet, why didn't her large boobs sag down? Maybe there are anti-gravity boobs in 3001.

    Yes, I not only questions why the ship would have a laundry room, but where is it located. So, yes, I pulled up a blue print. According to one blueprint I found, the deck that has the Bridge, has the laundry room. You turn around, walk out the Bridge, cross a small hall going against the back of the Bridge, then enter a corridor, quickly pass the cabins, turn right at the vending room and behind it is one room: the laundry room. Thought the back wall where the dryer is, doesn't line up with the blue print. I don't think the ship was fully thought out at this point.

    By the way, unrelated, but here is a nice computer-generated 3D layout of the Planet Express building:

    (NtM: 11:04/46, 21:49)

    Green Female Alien Judge: "I'm going to allow this."

    Bender: "Leela -- save me! And yourself, I guess. And my banjo!"

    His Neutralness: "If I don't survive, tell my wife I said 'Hello'."

    "A Head in the Polls"

  • 0:29 in.^
  • 3:19/5:10 in.^
  • 7:40 in.
  • 8:34 in.
  • 9:30 in.^
  • 14:26 in.
  • 17:06/17:19/17:30/17:45 in. Sneaking around at night music.^

    I really don't like this episode. It seems to be nothing more than a plot made around a series of Nixon and Republican-bashing jokes. The late comedian Norm MacDonald once said that he thought that for comedy to be funny, it has to have some truth to it. I subscribe to that for the most part. I also subscribe to it shouldn't be mean-spirited popshots. This is nothing more than a beta version of what we have now: clapture. I won't watch this episode again.

    A fake in-'verse TV series I hope we see again: "The Scary Door".
    I also hope we see the Brain Slugs again in the new season. I think this is the first episode to have them.

    Wait -- it's been months in-universe since the President was killed and they're just now holding elections?

    The first robot President: John Quincy Adding Machine.

    So: We were told robots were made out of recycled beer cans, then Bender said he was 40% zinc, now Bender says he's 40% titanium.
    Also, Bender has a self destruct button.

    (NtM: 5:19, 6:51, 16:48)

    Leela: "Fry, he opened up relations with China -- he doesn't want to hear about your ding dong."

    "Xmas Story"

  • 0:29 in.^
  • 2:53 in. Parody Vince Guardini music to he skating scene from "A Charlie Brown Christmas". You know ... Tyng would make a good composer for Charlie Brown animated specials.^
  • 5:21 in. Instrumental Joy to the World arrangement, with bongos and the tubular bells as heard in the opening theme.^
  • 8:46 in.^
  • 10:16 in.^
  • 10:10/13:07/13:22 in. That four-note rising motif is again heard in a cue in a later episode.^
  • 14:15 in.^
  • 15:14/15:54/16:16/17:26/18:31/18:22/19:41 in. The third cue features an action arrangement of 'Tis the Season to be Jolly; such an atypical arrangement of Christmas classics, rarely happens in episodic TV scores. Another such interesting arrangement can be heard in the episode "P.S., Murray Christmas" in the series "Gunsmoke".^
  • 16:49 in.^
  • 21:39 in. And the special end credits music.^

    Classic episode and one of my personal favorites. It's also one of Tyng's best scores to the show.

    If Conan had had bulletproof legs in the war of 2012, he'd still have them... ;-)

    Pine trees -- in-'universe -- have been extinct for over 800 years. And so poodles are extinct, too.

    And in this episode, the Professor gets naked, says primitive notions of modesty. So, as I noted earlier: Amy was worried about being naked, and nobody said anything about it not being a problem.

    (NtM: 6:21 / 9:43/gif)

    Hermes: "Yeah, right, as if you ever did anything charitable."
    Bender: "I'm very generous. What about that time I gave blood?"
    Fry: "Whose blood?"
    Bender: "Some guy's."

    Fry: "Girls like swarms of lizards, right?"

    Evil Robot Santa: "Did either of you ever stop to think about Doctor Zoidberg's feelings?"
    Fry: "No, I swear!"

    Robot Tiny Tim: "It's humans; shall we mug them?"
    Bender: "No, wait -- I know these guys; they got nothin'."

    Professor Farnsworth: "Oh, dear, they'll be killed on our doorstep, and there's no trash pick up until January 3rd."

    "Why Must I Be a Crustacean in Love"

  • 1:31 in.
  • 2:53/3:24 in.
  • 5:35 in.^
  • 7:37 in.^
  • 8:25 in.
  • 9:43/13:33 in.^
  • 13:49 in. Source cue that sounds like a riff on the song The Look of Love.^
  • 17:14 in. Short parody music of Gerald Fried's fight music from the "Star Trek" episode "Amok Time".^
  • 17:47 in. Direct homage to the "Amok Time" fight music.^
  • 17:57/19:43 in. Percussion and brass lead fight music (for over the first minute; more in the second cue).^

    Re-watching this episode now, I'm struck that maybe the jokes on Zoidberg's planet about insults were not just jokes, but an indication of why he speaks the way he does -- it's what happens on his planet.

    (NtM: 11:08, 15:22, 21:02, 1:48)

    Bender: "You're looking less nuts, crabby."

    Zoidberg: "Do I ask her to mate now?"
    Fry: "Third date."

    "Put Your Head on My Shoulder"

  • 1:20/4:01 in.^
  • 4:48 in.^
  • 6:10 in.^
  • 6:57 in.^
  • 12:37 in.^
  • 18:18 in.^

    The "2001: A Space Odyssey" monolith is floating in space with an "Out of Order" sign on it.

    Why not just put his head in a jar?

    You know what would be a nice touch? IF one of these new future episodes has one of the characters not slap Fry over the head when he says or does something stupid, but pokes him on the neck where the scar used to be, making him kick his own ass.

    (NtM: 10:07, 15:57, 18:48, 21:49 / 12:49/gif)

    Fry: "My folks were always on me to groom myself and wear underpants; what am I? The Pope?"

    Fry: "I'm not a one-woman man, Leela."
    Leela: "You'll be back to zero soon enough."

    : "Buy her a rose and I guarantee she'll put out."
    Fat Slob Sal: "Eh, I'll take my chances"

    Zap: "Baby, wait -- you didn't show me your surprise!"

     Posted:   Dec 19, 2022 - 3:41 PM   
     By:   Timothy J. Phlaps   (Member)

    I won't watch this episode again.

    Yeah, stop picking on Nixon, he was a good guy!

     Posted:   Dec 27, 2022 - 8:00 AM   
     By:   Justin Boggan   (Member)

    Continuing SEASON 2:

    "Lesser of Two Evils"

  • 0:37 in.
  • 1:42 in.
  • 2:35 in.^
  • 4:07/6:54 in.^
  • 10:25/14:17/14:51 in.
  • 15:17 in.^
  • 16:28 in.^
  • 18:24 in. Fight music, lead by brass and bongos.^

    In an era where a guy in a dress can be a woman and be called beautiful, miss Vega IV in our real life, could very well be Miss Universe. And so could Mrs. Doubtfire.

    (NtM: 12:07, 20:23, 21:50)

    Professor Farnsworth: "Good news, everyone -- report to my bedroom for a private exhibition."

    Professor Farnsworth: "Everyone get in bed with me -- I have something to show you..."

    Leela: "Well, gentlemen, it appears we're boned."

    "Raging Bender"

  • 2:26 in. A cue like this is a god demo for a Pixar film like another "Planes" sequel.^(open)
  • 3:35 in. Twenty-five second James Bond theme parody cue.^
  • 5:15 in.
  • 8:26 in.^ *
  • 10:05 in.
  • 15:21 in.^(open)
  • 17:55/18:17 in.^
  • 19:43 in.

    Garlic shampoo apparently detracts brain slugs.

    * = The obscure score promo contains an excellent and completely different alternate cue for Bender's training montage. Easily one of my favorite cues from the series. And even though it didn't get used, the ending second of the cue was re-purposed later on for Leela and her blurnsball experience. The cue can be heard at 2:55 into this video of the score promo:

    Most of these titles are what I came up with and posted online, except one short cue which was titled on a demo promo. Somebody, for what ever reason, changed some of the titles to inaccurate or less accurate titles. Tracks 3, 4, 5, 8, 13, and 15 were re-titled.

    (NtM: 20:54 / 9:19/gif)

    Crazy Old Lady: "Let's all go to the lobby!"

    Snog: "See you in Girl Hell. I'll be on Boy Hell; much nicer."

    Amy: "Fry, where's your brain slug?"
    Professor Farnsworth: "Poor little guy starved to death."

    Leela: "But the important thing is: I beat up some one who hurt my feelings in high school. Heh heh."

    "A Bicyclops Built for Two"

  • 0:29 in.^
  • 1:25 in.
  • 6:26/7:30 in.^
  • 9:55 in.^
  • 10:15 in.^
  • 12:02 in. Short romantic cue which sounds like a riff off the main theme from "Unchained" (North).^
  • 13:42 in.^
  • 16:14 in.^
  • 18:00 in.
  • 18:55 in.^
  • 20:09 in.
  • 21:39 in.^

    (NtM: 18:41, 21:10)

    Professor Farnsworth: "Good news, everyone: several years ago I tried to log on to AOL and it just went threw!"

    Leela: "Animals go in the corner."
    Fry: "The corner! Why didn't I think of that!"

    "How Hermes Requisitioned His Groove Back"

  • 1:35 in.^
  • 4:15 in.
  • 4:40 in.^
  • 7:14 in.^
  • 15:16 in.^
  • 16:07 in.^
  • 21:38 in.

    The boss from India who Leela was working for, makes his second appearance in this episode and says she is fired because it's been over a year since she showed up to work. I commented that a new season would have to get rid of him, since Apu got the axe, but in reality ... won't the woke mob have to have Hermes axed, too?

    Bender refers to a male auto pilot, which has not been heard yet.

    (NtM: 10:58, 14:35)

    Professor Farnsworth: "Please, old friend -- don't jump! Use another method that won't damage your liver! Other people need it, you know!"

    Professor Farnsworth: "Damnit, Hermes, just jump already! Stop hogging that healthy liver!"

    1.0: "Beauracrat Conrad, you are technically correct -- the best kind of correct."

    "A Clone of My Own"

  • 0:54 in.
  • 2:54 in. "Star Trek" homage cue.^
  • 7:44 in.^
  • 12:07/12:50 in. This one contains a teremin.^
  • 14:54/15:14 in.^
  • 16:08 in. Quirky Danny Elfman mode channeled through Tyng with a theremin added.
  • 17:26 in.^
  • 17:48 in.^
  • 18:16 in. Action/chase music.^
  • 19:27 in.^
  • 20:31 in.^

    Another one of Tyng's best efforts for the series.

    This episode adds a new main ensemble cast character.

    I'm probably mistaken, but I think this may be the first episode to premiere the fake alien language characters, that they used to hide secrets codes and phrases in throughout the series.

    The professor turns 160 years old. Older than the oldest age of Mr. Burns.

    Wait -- wouldn't all those smells Leela picks up, be from countless thousands of old people?

    French is a dead language.

    Tech Note: The ship warps space like warp drive does in Trek, which drags/pulls the ship, not thrust. And yet it moves far in excess of what a ship can in ST using warp speed. The Planet Express can travel from one galaxy to another in hours. Even at top warp, the U.S.S. Voyager faced moving from one point in a quadrant of the Milky Way galaxy to another quadrant, in approximately a hundred years.

    Continuity Error: Why does the holograph message machine have to project the image with a metal top/ We saw in a previous episode Leela showing a holograph from her wrist watch with no top.

    (NtM: 5:19)

    Cubert: "What? You've never seen a geniuses wiener before?"
    (various "no"s can be heard)
    Fry: "Well, once in the park."

     Posted:   Jan 4, 2023 - 8:34 AM   
     By:   Justin Boggan   (Member)

    Finishing SEASON 2:

    "The Deep South"

  • 1;03 in.^
  • 5:02 in.^
  • 6:05 in. and.^
  • 19:44 in.^
  • 20:42 in.

    So, if the Earth has a President for the whole thing, then how is there "international waters"?

    So ... where is Cubert? Who is watching Cuebert? Scruffy hasn't been introduced yet.

    Continuity Error: How did Zoidberg get back onto the Planet Express ship from the ocean?

    (NtM: 0:28, 9:42, 11:33, 15:17 / 4:18/gif)

    Professor Farnsworth: "Sweet zombie Jesus!"

    Professor Farnsworth: "Good news -- it's a suppository!"

    Out-of-context quote exchange...
    Professor Farnsworth: "It's huge!"
    Amy: "It's coming up!"

    "Bender Gets Made"

  • 5:21 in.^
  • 7:25 in.
  • 8:40 in.^
  • 12:15/13:38 in.^
  • 14:57 in.
  • 15:32/16:37 in.

    First episode with the robot mafia.

    Since the crossover on "The Simpsons", perhaps a new season can have the robot mafia teaming up with the heads of the mafia guys from "The Simpsons" (Fat Tony, etc.).

    (NtM: 14:21, 20:53)

    Hermes: "Is there any meat this man can't jerk?"

    Professor Farnsworth: "Holy zombie Jesus!"

    Donbot: "Their deciding to keep living shows me no respect."

    Leela: "Professor, where were you at ten pm last night?"
    Professor Farnsworth: "Eh -- where am I now?"

    "The Problem with Popplers"

  • 1:20 in.
  • 8:46 in.
  • 10:42 in.
  • 14:14 in.
  • 17:11 in.^

    If Joe has a restaurant on "Every known planet in the universe", how come there apparently wasn't one on the Popplers' planet?

    Trivia: Kiff Tells Zap there aren't a hundred and ninety-eight-billion people. Today's current approximate count of people falls just under eight billion. For a show that tapes place a thousand years in the future where people can live anywhere and in space stations, I find it hard to believe there aren't that many people.

    A perfect conclusion to the Goddamn dirty hippie.

    (NtM: 0:35, 2:23, 21:44)

    Leela: "Well, it's a Type M planet, so it should at least have Roddenberries."

    : "They're tasty, right? Let's call hem taste-ticles."

    Zap: "Hummm, a hundred and ninety-eight billion babies in a few weeks? We'll need an army of super-virial men scoring 'round the clock! I'll do my part. Kiff -- clear my schedule."

    Ndnd (Lrrr's wife): "Would you like some human with your salt?"

    "Mother's Day"'s+day.avi

  • 2:47/3:26 in.^
  • 9:08 in.
  • 9:43/9:55 in.
  • 10:33 in.^
  • 11:16 in.
  • 12:51/13:42/17:13/18:19/19:18 in. Action material for the robot rebellion.
  • 17:13 in.^

    Does anyone know: Does it mean anything, some kind of hidden meaning, when on those rare occasions Morbo is to the left of the female newscaster?

    The toaster on the British science fiction comedy series "Red Dwarf", knew how to annoy people right.

    The professor has had at least four or five hearts.

    (NtM: 1:59, 20:30 ~ 4:48/gif, 9:52/gif)

    Mom: "Conquer Earth, you bastards!"

    Professor Farnsworth: "MORON!!!"

    Bender: "Yes -- in your face, Ghandi!"

    Zoidberg: "Hooray -- I'm useful!"


    Mom: "Filthy toothless nerd bard!"
    Professor Farnsworth: "Damned she-fossil!"
    Mom: "Stink pig!!!"
    (Note: another line apparently changed; my mind and online says it was "Damned she-devil!"; did they pull a George Lucas after-the-fact and change things?)

    "Anthology of Interest"

  • 1:23 in.^
  • 3:07 in.
  • 5:25 in.
  • 6:42 in.
  • 7:03 in.^
  • 14:25 in.^
  • 20:09 in.

    Scruffy's first episode, but it's confusing. Scruffy appears in a fake what if reality on the Professor's What If machine, yet he's treated like a real person when he's a real person the next time we see him outside this episode. And that what if was a what if inside a what if.

    Note for Later: To show you how much details they gave, the shadow is not seen here...

    (NtM: 10:12, 14:52, 21:47)

    Hermes: "We're jerked!"

    Leela: "I can be really impulsive; it just takes me a while."

    Hermes: "I'm going to call the police. Right after I flush some things..."

    Fry: "I guess you want to see my Fry Hole."
    Algore: "Very much so."

     Posted:   Jan 9, 2023 - 1:38 PM   
     By:   Justin Boggan   (Member)

    SEASON 3:

    "The Honking"

  • 1:50 in.^
  • 2:34 in.^
  • 3:03 in.^
  • 5:18 in.
  • 6:12 in.
  • 7:08 in.^
  • 8:10/8:37/9:09 in.^
  • 10:39 in.
  • 12:21/11:50 in. Yes, I'd combine them in reverse order like that.^(second)
  • 13:08/13:42 in.
  • 15:06 in.^
  • 16:17/17:29/18:34 in.

    19:29 in: This cue is on the obscure short score promo. In the episode the cue is dialed down to zero (muted) for ten seconds and a fake echo added to make the cut point fade out, but in reality as you hear on the promo, it's one continuous kick-ass action cue.

    The reverse reflection of the one's and zero's translates from binary code to: 666. Why that would mean anything to a robot, I have no idea...

    How do hover cars stay afloat when off?

    Calculon is over a thousand years old, going back to at least 1997.

    (NtM: 0:40, 6:33)

    Professor Farnsworth: "Yes, that sequence of words I said makes perfect sense."

    Bender: "I can't keep running people over == I'm not famous enough to get away with it."

    Fry: "Knight Rider wasn't evil."
    Calculon: "His windshield wipers were."
    (Nerd Note: The show was called "Knight Tider". The car was called the Knight Industries Two-Thousand, or K.I.T.T.; the writer got it wrong here)

    "War Is the H-Word"

  • 0:29 in.^
  • 1:24 in.^
  • 1:56/3:00 in.^
  • 4:19 in.^
  • 5:00 in. Eighteen second fun training montage music.^
  • 6:35 in.^
  • 8:01 in.^
  • 8:28/8:45/9:14/9:42 in. The first time I can say this outside of a porno score: music for balls.^
  • 10:20 in. Fifteen second "M*A*S*H" theme parody cue. A short while later we even have a robot Hawkeye Pierce, named iHawk. I hope we see iHawk again in a hospital in a new season.^
  • 15:07/16:44/18:44/20:35 in. There is another short cue after the first one, that naturally sort of goes with the first. I think all these cues work together and on a set of season three scoring, I'd crossfade/edit together them this way.^
  • 18:31 in.^

    I like the humor, but the plot conflicts and makes me kind of hate the episode, too.

    First episode where Leela indicates she might like Fry, though previously it was the opposite.

    I don't think Bender ever said "Chumpette" in the series prior to or after this episode.

    Trivia: 5% off of $0.40 cents, is only two pennies. They joined the Army to save two pennies.

    (NtM: 20:18)

    Kiff: "Mix these Mixed Nuts! I see two almonds touching!"

    Zap: "Oh, God -- I've never been so happy to be beaten up by a woman."
    Leela: "Let's do it again sometime."

    Bender: "These balls are making me testy!"

    "The Cryonic Woman"

  • 1:24 in.^
  • 9:25 in.
  • 10:37 in.^
  • 11:01 in.^
  • 15:15 in.^
  • 15:25 in.^
  • 15:42 in.^
  • 19:23/19:58 in.^

    17:21 in: This cue is on the obscure short score promo.

    2:00 in: Goddamn Mongolians!

    Continuity Error: In the pilot Leela tried to give Fry a delivery boy career chip. When he got the job at Planet Express, he was given the delivery boy career chip, so he has one. So: there is nothing for Leela to save -- it's in Fry's hand still, and that means all he has to do is get another delivery boy job.

    Foreshadowing: the flying brains in space have not been seen yet.

    Pauly Shore isn't the Hollywood person I wouldn't mind being tortured on the Probulator.
    There was thankfully no "Jury Duty 2". Rotten Tomatoes has it at one star, and if you no longer feel that site is really representative, Roger Ebert gave is one star, too, as well as ripping it a new one, back in 1995:

    The guy unfrozen says he thought time was cicular, and Fry says it's not, but later on in the series, we learn it is, but I won't spoil how for those who have not seen it...

    (NtM: 2:34, 6:12, 8:43, 9:06, 10:25, 17:05, 18:19)

    Bender: "And that's how we learned our lesson."

    Leela: "Monday monkey lives for the weekend, sir."

    Leela: "Pizza delibery for ... I.C. Weiner."

    Fry: "All right, if it'll make you happy, I'll over-throw society."

    "Parasites Lost"

  • 7:27/7:44/8:24/8:47/9:05 in.
  • 10:41/11:59 in.^
  • 12:42 in.
  • 13:16/14:19 in.
  • 15:22 in. One minute of beautiful off-kilter strings lead music.^
  • 17:49/18:10 in. Brass and strings sword fighting music.^
  • 19:19 in.^

    Scruffy's first episode as a What If machine dream. And he's reading a porno magazine titled ZERO-G JUGGS.

    So ... where is Cubert and Nibbler?

    (NtM: 3:41, 5:31/5:37, 14:55, 15:00, 19:41 ~ 4:29/gif)

    Scruffy. The Janitor: "Scruffy's gonna die the way he lived," licks a finger and flips a page of Zero-G Juggs.

    Hermes: "We got to get some place where he won't stick his finger!"
    Bender: "It's hopeless!"

    Professor Farnsworth: "Ahhh, the stomach: Scenic gateway to the bowels."

    Fry: "When I'm with you, every day seems like Double Soup Tuesday."

    "Amazon Women in the Mood"

  • 2:35 in.^
  • 3:14 in.^
  • 4:50 in. I suspect this source cue was probably also horribly cut down as well.^
  • 9:34 in.^
  • 10:09 in.^
  • 10:52 in.^
  • 12:58 in.^
  • 16:06 in.^
  • 17:59/18:12 in.^
  • 20:06 in.^

    4:11 in: This excellent cue is on the short obscure score promo. Only nine seconds of it is used, but you find out on the promo it's actually over a minute long. The Youtube video horribly mis-names it, opting against my accurate title. My title: Le Pal D'Orbit Swing.

    The giant amazon women were seen previously amongst aliens on two prior episodes. They really did think this show out in advance.

    (NtM: 0:27, 15:02/16:12)

    Bender: "Maybe you can interphase with my ass, by biting it."

    : "We need rest; the spirit is willing, but the flesh is spongy and weak."
    (surprise find: the word "weak" has been replaced, for whatever reason and dubbed over and the animation for the mouth altered to fit "bruised". I prefer the old version.)

     Posted:   Jan 9, 2023 - 6:53 PM   
     By:   SBD   (Member)

    "War Is the H-Word"

    I don't think Bender ever said "Chumpette" in the series prior to or after this episode.

    Can't remember him saying 'daffodil', either. Man, do I love this one.

    Bender: "Is [Kissinger] any good [at negotiating]?"
    Nixon: "Looking like that, he talked his way into Jill St. John's bed. Enough said!"

     Posted:   Jan 10, 2023 - 9:17 AM   
     By:   Goatmeal   (Member)

    "The Honking"

    The reverse reflection of the one's and zero's translates from binary code to: 666. Why that would mean anything to a robot, I have no idea...

    Well, they do have a Robot Devil and Robot Hell in the future... why not a Robotic 'Beast' (of which that is the sign) to go along with that?

     Posted:   Jan 10, 2023 - 9:22 AM   
     By:   Justin Boggan   (Member)

    You know, that actually might work for me.

     Posted:   Jan 10, 2023 - 9:24 AM   
     By:   Goatmeal   (Member)

    "War Is the H-Word"

  • 10:20 in. Fifteen second "M*A*S*H" theme parody cue. A short while later we even have a robot Hawkeye Pierce, named iHawk. I hope we see iHawk again in a hospital in a new season.^

    Didn't they get the guy who did the "Attention. Attenion. All personnel." camp speaker announcements from the M*A*S*H TV series to do a couple of lines in this one episode? If not, whoever did the voiceover was a reasonable facsimile...

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