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Jericho/The Ghostbreaker (1966/1965)
Music by Jerry Goldsmith, John Williams
Jericho/The Ghostbreaker Jericho/The Ghostbreaker Jericho/The Ghostbreaker
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Price: $19.95
Limited #: 3000
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Line: Silver Age
CD Release: May 2005
Catalog #: Vol. 8, No. 6
# of Discs: 1

Released by Special Arrangement with Turner Classic Movies Music

Interested in Jerry Goldsmith, Lalo Schifrin and John Williams television music that is not only obscure, but borders on being unheard?

From the Warner Bros. archives of vintage M-G-M television material and Norman Felton's Arena Productions comes this doubleheader of rare projects: Jericho (1966), a short-lived CBS action-adventure series scored by much of the staff from The Man From U.N.C.L.E. (also an M-G-M/Arena show); and The Ghostbreaker (1965), a busted pilot that aired once on NBC and disappeared into the studio vaults.

Jericho was a WWII adventure series following three Allied specialists on secret missions throughout Europe. The theme and second episode were scored by Jerry Goldsmith in his military-suspense mode, replacing a theme by Lalo Schifrin who had scored the pilot. Goldsmith's theme and complete episode score are included on this CD, as are Schifrin's unused theme and a suite from his pilot score, significantly foreshadowing his music to Mission: Impossible.

The remainder of Jericho was scored by Morton Stevens, Gerald Fried and Richard Shores, and suites from all of their episodes are included. The music recalls the style of The Man From U.N.C.L.E. but perhaps more grim.

The Ghostbreaker was a one-hour pilot starring Kerwin Mathews as a parapsychologist investigator; although foreshadowing such television series as Kolchak: The Night Staker and The X-Files, it did not proceed to a series.

The theme and pilot score to The Ghostbreaker were by none other than John (then "Johnny") Williams, who wrote a dynamite theme that compares favorably to his TV work for Irwin Allen, and a creepy score including harpsichord and solo soprano. The totality of Williams's score is included here—a forgotten jewel by one of the world's most famous composers.

The entire CD has been mastered from the original 1/4" monaural tapes. Liner notes are by television authority Jon Burlingame and Williams expert Jeff Eldridge.

Jerry Goldsmith Scores on FSM
About the Composer

What to say about Jerry Goldsmith (1929-2004), the reason so many of us are soundtrack collectors in the first place? The Los Angeles native knew early on he wanted to write music for the movies, had an extensive training in television in the 1950s (starting at CBS), and went on to an unparalleled career in the movies—capable of brilliance in every genre, and beloved by his peers and fans. FSM has released as many of his scores as we could get our hands on, from classic TV work like The Man From U.N.C.L.E. to famous features (Patton) and obscure gems like The Illustrated Man and 100 Rifles...heck, make that all of them. Jerry, we love you and miss you! IMDB

John Williams Scores on FSM
About the Composer

John Williams (b. 1932) is not only the composer of most of the biggest blockbusters of all time—including Star Wars, E.T., Jaws, the Indiana Jones films, Harry Potter, Jurassic Park and many more, many of them directed by Steven Spielberg—but he has transcended film music to become the world's most famous living composer, and an American institution. His popular symphonic scores are so iconic that they often overshadow the fact that he has been equally proficient at sophisticated, adult fare (Schindler's List, Images) and had a successful career in composing (for television and often comedy features), arranging and performing well before he even met Steven Spielberg. FSM, like most labels, will release everything it can of Williams's music, and has concentrated (for reasons of availability) on his early years as "Johnny" Williams when he was doing sterling work on relatively little-known television and films—always with an amazing attention to melody and detail. In fact, his early works are fascinating for the ways in which they foreshadow his later, world-renowned efforts. IMDB

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Jericho - 'The Complete Series' of the 1966 Show is Coming to DVD
The Warner Archives have scheduled an MOD release for June 16, 2015

Taken from:

You can pre-order the complete set of the series at Amazon

As a reminder, FSM used to release the soundtrack CD:
FSM Page
SAE Page

Lalo Schifrin's score Upbeat and Underground is a masterpiece!

Damn! No offense to JERICHO fans, but I had hoped this was an update saying that THE GHOSTBREAKER pilot had been found on Youtube or something. Still haven't been able to track that down.


Find a thread about the DVD of Jericho

What's the theme from The Prize doing in there? Jericho in color . . . more like peanut butter.

That Jericho theme is actually quite snazzy.

I adore this disc. Both Jericho and Ghostbreaker have fantastic title themes, as shuffle mode reminded me just now.

That is all.

There the best actress of all time who has brought good name and fame for this movie with his acting and adventurous skills. He has rocked the performance by playing the character as per reviews. People feel that still he is the best action till now. He is my favorite and I just become his fan after seeing that movie Forever.

Another big Irwin Allen vibe from this mid-60's Johnny Williams effort.
It's like the score to a ghost series Allen never did.
Jericho is okay too, although that Alt Main Title by Schifrin is hilarious. Sounds like he thought the whole thing was a Circus Show!
Good idea to go with the Goldsmith theme.

It's a funny little score -- has some of that tongue-in-cheek 'spookiness' about it as his WHO GOES THERE? music, albeit not quite as comical.

I rescued this CD from the budget bin. I think I spun it exactly once.

Which of two scores is the better of the two?

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Track List
Click on each musician name for more credits
For more specific musician lists for the scores on this album, go here:
Jericho: A Jug of Wine, Loaf of Bread..
Jericho: Dutch & Go
Jericho: Eric The Redhead
Jericho: Four O'Clock Bomb to London
Jericho: Have Traitor Will Travel
Jericho: One For The Mountain
Jericho: The Big Brass Contraband
Jericho: Two For The Road
Jericho: Upbeat & Underground
Jericho: Wall To Wall Kaput
The Ghostbreaker (TV pilot)

Leader (Conductor):
Jeff Alexander, Robert Armbruster, Robert Drasnin, Gerald Fried, Jerry (Jerrald) Goldsmith, Lalo Schifrin, Richard Shores, Morton Stevens, John T. Williams

Robert Barene, William Bloom, Henry Arthur Brown, Herman Clebanoff, Kurt Dieterle, Arnold T. Jurasky, Jerome Kasin, Louis Kaufman, Murray Kellner, Bernard Kundell, Marvin Limonick, Dan Lube, Alfred Lustgarten, Joy Lyle (Sharp), Lou Raderman, Sally Raderman (aka Sarah Kreindler), Ambrose Russo, Paul C. Shure, Heimann Weinstine

Myer Bello, Cecil Figelski, Allan Harshman, Myra Kestenbaum, Virginia Majewski, Reuben Marcus, Barbara A. Simons (Transue)

James A. Arkatov, Raphael "Ray" Kramer, Frederick R. Seykora, Eleanor Slatkin, Gloria Strassner

John Bambridge, Jr., Mario Camposano, Keith "Red" Mitchell, Robert King Stone

Ethmer Roten, Sylvia Ruderman, Sheridon W. Stokes

Norman Benno, Arnold Koblentz

Roy A. D'Antonio, Dominick Fera, Justin Gordon, Don Lodice (Logiudice), John Lowe, Mitchell Lurie, John Neufeld, Hugo Raimondi, Arthur C. Smith

Charles A. Gould

Justin Gordon, Justin Gordon, Ronald Langinger (aka Ronny Lang)

French Horn:
Arthur E. Briegleb, John W. "Jack" Cave, Herman Lebow, Sinclair Lott, Arthur Maebe, Jr.

Oliver Mitchell, Uan Rasey, Manny Stevens, Raymond Triscari, George Werth, James C. Zito

Robert Knight, Gail Martin, Randall Miller, Richard Noel, Barrett O'Hara, George M. Roberts, Kenneth Shroyer, Paul Tanner, Phillip A. Teele

John T. "Tommy" Johnson

Caesar Giovannini, Artie Kane, John Jack Latimer, Ray Sherman

Gene Garf

Alton R. "Al" Hendrickson, Thomas "Tommy" Tedesco

Catherine Gotthoffer (Johnk)

Carl Fortina

Larry Bunker, Frank L. Carlson, Gene Paul Estes, Frank J. Flynn, William Kraft, Sheldon "Shelly" Manne, Emil Radocchia (Richards), Kenneth E. Watson, Jerry D. Williams

Orchestra Manager:
Gerald C. Whelan, James C. Whelan

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