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Volume 29, No. 7
July 2024
Record Round-Up
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The AFI Top 25
Volume 10, Issue 6
The Poet of Paranoia
Volume 10, Issue 5
Mortality Plays
Volume 10, Issue 4
The Circle Is Complete
Volume 10, Issue 3
Major Changes
Volume 10, Issue 2
The Best and Worst of 2004
Volume 10, Issue 1
Elmer Bernstein 1922-2004
Volume 9, Issue 9
Blast From the Past
Volume 9, Issue 8
Jerry Goldsmith 1929-2004
Volume 9, Issue 7
Getting Real
Volume 9, Issue 6
The Trouble With Harry
Volume 9, Issue 5
The Fall of Troy
Volume 9, Issue 4
The Future of Film Scoring
Volume 9, Issue 3
Horner Revealed
Volume 9, Issue 2
Howards of Different Hughes
Volume 9, Issue 10
Finding Newman
Volume 9, Issue 1
The Matrix Conclusions
Volume 8, Issue 9
We Love the Boob Tube
Volume 8, Issue 8
Sex, Lions and Audiotape
Volume 8, Issue 7
Shiver Me Timbres
Volume 8, Issue 6
Welcome to the Boom Times
Volume 8, Issue 5
The Fine Line Between Stupid and Clever
Volume 8, Issue 4
36 Magnificent Movie Music Moments
Volume 8, Issue 3
How the Awards Were Won
Volume 8, Issue 2
Seven Days in September
Volume 8, Issue 10
God Almighty!
Volume 8, Issue 1
An Assignment to DIE For
Volume 7, Issue 9
Still Life
Volume 7, Issue 8
FSM's Top 40 Hit Makers
Volume 7, Issue 7
Baby, the Jazz Must Play
Volume 7, Issue 6
The Sound of Murder: Music of Film Noir
Volume 7, Issue 5
The Amazing Elf-Man
Volume 7, Issue 4
To Rock or Not to Rock?
Volume 7, Issue 3
The Man with the Jazzy Sound
Volume 7, Issue 2
Towering Achievements
Volume 7, Issue 10
The Best and the Worst of 2001
Volume 7, Issue 1
Learning New Hobbits
Volume 6, Issue 9
The Madman and His Muse
Volume 6, Issue 8
The King of Hip
Volume 6, Issue 7
A Whole Different Animal
Volume 6, Issue 6
Sergei Prokofiev: The Man, The Music, The Movies
Volume 6, Issue 5
King of the World
Volume 6, Issue 4
That Hollywood Sound
Volume 6, Issue 3
King of Outer (and Inner) Space
Volume 6, Issue 2
Scores of Scores
Volume 6, Issue 10
The Best of the Worst
Volume 6, Issue 1
101 Great Film Scores on CD
Volume 5, Issue 9
He's Not Angry...Just Opinionated
Volume 5, Issue 8
Bruce's World
Volume 5, Issue 7
Summer Movie Soundtracks
Volume 5, Issue 6
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