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 Posted:   May 15, 2019 - 3:26 PM   
 By:   Justin Boggan   (Member)


I've never seen the show before, but I know the composers and I now it's from the decades of good TV scoring, so I'm taking another leap...

"Code Name: Minus One" (the pilot film)
By: Billy Goldenberg

This is the only episode Goldenberg scored.

  • 0:00 in.
  • 13:43/14:11 in. Sounds like a cue from "Duel". In fact, there is some more "Duel" in parts of early Holdridge efforts.
  • 41:46 in.
  • 44:55 in.
  • 55:53 in. Maybe take a pass on this short one. Though I think it would fit nicely in the middle of the two-fer below when it has a brief lull.
  • 57:13 in. There's a brief lull.
  • 1:05:12/1:07:49 in.
  • 1:09:50 in.
  • 1:26:25 in. While it's not as enjoyable as the other cues, it's the long finale cue and I can't reasonably decide to leave it off.
  • 1:32:00 in.

    The full score to the pilot does not need to be released.
    In fact, I'd only advocate for the cues I highlighted.

    Guest-starring Dana Elcar.
    He kind of got type-casted as a military person or person in charge of something big, which I think he was okay with because he always appeared to be trying his best. And he always fit -- he just had that look of a military general or base commander. and when I see his name, it: Oh, cool, Dana Elcar!

    By: Lee Holdridge

  • 1:24 in.
  • 9:49 in.
  • 12:36 in.
  • 18:58 in.
  • 22:53 in.
  • 34:12 in.
  • 41:37 in.
  • 46:01 in.

    By: Lee Holdridge

  • 14:12/17:37 in.
  • 23:20 in.
  • 40:52 in.
  • 43:57 in.

    4:10 in: How hilariously bad they thought robots would be!

    42:30: Oh no, not a sophisticated robot's nemesis -- silver confetti!

    "Sam Casey, Sam Casey"
    By: Lee Holdridge & Mark Snow

    This is Snow's only effort for the series.

  • 0:00 in.
  • 1:11 in.
  • 5:04 in.
  • 15:51 in. And after the commercial break, which is thankfully edited near seamlessly in the video.
  • 20:47 in.
  • 23:22 in.
  • 25:56 in.
  • 28:31 in.
  • 29:35 in.
  • 32:46 in.
  • 39:57 in. Joining a cue already in progress.
  • 42:25 in.

    This is the second series Snow worked on. This was early in his career!I don't know who did what, but there were some interesting orchestration flavors here and there.

    "Night Train to Dallas"
    By: Lee Holdridge

  • 1:33 in.
  • 2:24 in.
  • 7:33 in.
  • 24:07 in.
  • 33:10 in.
  • 37:25 in.
  • 40:57 in. Joining a cue already in progress.

    "Run Sam, Run"
    By: Lee Holdridge

  • 1:33 in.
  • 3:10 in.
  • 5:23 in.
  • 9:44 in.
  • 24:30 in.
  • 26:30 in. By the way, is that music coming from the record player not original?
  • 30:45 in. And after the commercial break.
  • 35:43 in. There's a brief lull, followed by some car chase music.
  • 39:26 in.
  • 41:25 in.
  • 4316 in.

    Man, this has been way more enjoyable scoring than "Voyagers!" (not to say that was bad).

     Posted:   May 16, 2019 - 5:30 AM   
     By:   Kev McGann   (Member)

    I would buy ANY release of this series in a heartbeat.
    I think the only music by Holdridge that has been released, relating to Gemini Man, was a revamped Elegy cue on the Kaufman conducted Symphonic Hollywood CD, which also had some Rozsa* music on it.
    We need more Lee Holdridge music in the world. Always.

    *Viola Concerto

     Posted:   May 16, 2019 - 5:34 AM   
     By:   CindyLover   (Member)

    I endorse this view.

     Posted:   May 16, 2019 - 10:13 AM   
     By:   Justin Boggan   (Member)

    Finishing SEASON 1:

    By: Lee Holdridge

  • 0:57 in.
  • 3:52 in.
  • 16:26 in.
  • 18:32 in. Brass and strings chase music.
  • 23:38 in. Soft flute piece.
  • 25:38 in.
  • 26:58 in.
  • 30:54 in.
  • 34:09 in.
  • 36:10 in.
  • 38:38/40:42 in.

    "Buffalo Bill Rides Again"
    By: Lee Holdridge

  • 28:36 in. And after the commercial break.
  • 40:34 in. All the way until that club guitar playing.

    Obligatory race car episode.

    "Escape Hatch"
    By: Lee Holdridge

  • 15:29 in.
  • 24:00 in.
  • 29:42 in.
  • 33:54 in.
  • 36:21 in.
  • 39:02 in.
  • 41:15 in.
  • 44:19 in.

    "Eight-Nine-Ten, You're Dead"
    By: Lee Holdridge

  • 6:48/29:15 in.
  • 12:55 in.
  • 14:04 in.
  • 15:35 in.
  • 16:21 in. Cool cue. I didn't know Holdridge ever did stuff like this.
  • 17:00 in.*
  • 22:02 in.
  • 25:13 in.
  • 37:16 in.

    * = A rare instance of a television henchman who isn't as dumb as usual.

    Obligatory boxing episode.

    "Return of the Lion"
    By: Lee Holdridge

  • 1:31 in.
  • 5:12 in.
  • 9:30 in.
  • 14:00 in.
  • 15:54 in.
  • 23:36 in.
  • 32:12 in.
  • 35:35 in.
  • 38:33 in.
  • 42:16 in.

    "Suspect Your Local Police" (series finale)
    By: Lee Holdridge

  • 4:11 in.
  • 9:09 in.
  • 10:30 in.
  • 17:14 in.
  • 26:42 in.
  • 34:47 in. An over ten minute cue for a TV series. Pensive build up to an attempted assassination, snare and timpani nearing the attempt, the fight, and a car chase.

    "He must be one of them Karate guys!"

    There was a "TV Movie" which was nothing more than an edit job of existing episodes. This was as shitty trend back then, attempting to make more money by not generating any new material. "Dan August" did this, "Matt Lincoln" did this, other TV shows did this.
    (and if I could ever find actually episodes of "Matt Lincoln", I'd do it in a heart beat; only the edit-job TV movie is up)

    Certainly put me down for a release of scoring from this show.

     Posted:   May 16, 2019 - 10:16 AM   
     By:   Yavar Moradi   (Member)

    A Billy Goldenberg pilot score and Lee Holdridge series scoring? Yeah, I would buy this. big grin


     Posted:   May 16, 2019 - 10:19 AM   
     By:   Justin Boggan   (Member)


    Culled from ASCAP and BMI (since it was spelled with an "s" instead of a dollar symbol, some of these could be from other project by the same name; BMI was kind enough to list Aaron Spelling Productions, making it easy to identify):

  • Jim Stafford.
  • John Cacavas. (I had a two-fer in one episode listing that had sax', which vaguely reminds me of a TV series he scored "Lady Blue", so that might be his contributions...)
  • Jim Carlson.
  • Billy May.

    Other Threads I Have Created or Commented in About TV Scores:

  • "The Orville":

  • "The Rockford Files":

  • "Private Eye": (technically completed)

  • "Cannon": (complete)

  • "Barnaby Jones": (complete)

  • "Dan August":

  • "Markham":

  • "T.H.E. Cat":

  • "The Name of the Game":

  • "McCloud":

  • "Hart to Hart":

  • "T.J. Hooker": (complete)

  • "The Simpsons": (technically complete)

  • The Shirley Walker Odyssey (on episodes of TV series she has scored):

  • "Christy":

  • "Walker, Texas Ranger": (complete)

  • "Rawhide": (complete)

  • "Cover Up": (complete)

  • "Matt Helm": (complete)

  • "87th Precinct": (complete)

  • "Quantum Leap":

  • "Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman":

  • "The Untouchables" (1993):

  • "Gunsmoke": (technically complete)

  • "In the Heat of the Night":

  • "Flying High": (complete)

  • "Bodyguards": (complete)

  • "FX: The Series":

  • "Seaquest: DSV": (complete)

  • "The Dirty Dozen: The Series": (complete)

  • "CHiPs": (technically complete)

  • "Bronk": (complete)

  • "Buffy the Vampire Slayer": (technically complete)

  • "Spencer's Pilots":

  • "Police Story":

  • "Longstreet": (complete)

  • "Vega$":

  • "Crazy Like a Fox":

  • "Voyagers!": (complete)

  • "Gemini Man": (added so next time I have to copy it I don't have to go hunting for the link) (complete)

    (If I missed a thread, let me know!)

     Posted:   May 16, 2019 - 10:20 AM   
     By:   That Neil Guy   (Member)

    I loved this series when it aired and I do not think I will revisit it for fear of it being terrible. But I would buy music from it instantly.

     Posted:   May 16, 2019 - 10:20 AM   
     By:   Justin Boggan   (Member)

    It actually wasn't that bad.

     Posted:   May 16, 2019 - 10:58 AM   
     By:   (Member)   (Member)

    "Code Name: Minus One" (the pilot film)
    By: Billy Goldenberg

    The score sounds like a blend of Columbo and The Sixth Sense because of that peculiar soundscape with weird analog synth.

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