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 Posted:   Jul 31, 2019 - 12:15 PM   
 By:   Justin Boggan   (Member)


This was a 1996 TV series that only lasted one season.

Revolving around the mysterious Mr. Chapel who helps people get justice when justice has failed; not a new idea, certainly, as there have been TV series with that premise before, but it's very enjoyable (aside from a couple of episodes). There were only sixteen episodes.
I've love for the show to be brought back, but aside from that likelihood of that happening being slim, the star of the show in real life is apparently having problems that may grind his career to a halt if he doesn't pull his head out of his ass.

All the episodes were scored by Mark Morgan. He's worked with Mark Snow on other projects, but he does have his own "sound" here -- it's not just an X-palette rip. Hopefully that'll be enough to get some of your to check out the music and series.

The series has not been released, so the only way to watch it currently is through loads on sites like Youtube.

"Cruel and Unusual" (muffled sound)

  • 0:00 in. The pre-credits music. Immediately followed by the music used for what's going to happen in the episode. Then finally another credits part. I just love this music; I've hummed or thought about it a good deal.
  • 2:49 in.
  • 5:04 in.
  • 15:17 in. And after the commercial break.
  • 33:03 in.
  • 34:43 in.
  • 36:12 in.
  • 42:38 in.
  • 44:48 in.

    Mr. Chapel: "You smell that? Fresh-baked brownies. That's what life's all about."

    Jack Schiller: "What are you? Out of your freaking mind?"
    Mr. Chapel: "Anything's possible."

    Mr. Chapel: " that big first case you won; what was that? Ummm, car, thee, ah, V78. You know, the one that blew up when it got hit from behind, burned up two/three hundred drivers. I bet I could strap you into one of those cars and send a great big truck flying at the back of ya and ya still wouldn't talk," laughs, "You're just so tough. You're a, eh ... ah, what the hell, I'd like to give it a try..." pulls out a taser slowly and turns it on, looking at Schiller. Then tasers him.

    Mr. Chapel: "You see that truck? That's a big truck, Jack."

    "Victim of Circumstance" (muffled sound; not quite as much as the prior episode)

  • 6:52 in.
  • 8:19 in.
  • 17:04 in.
  • 2526 in.?
  • 27:14 in.
  • 31:44/32:57/34:41 in. The first two are just short stingers, but I think they worked together to open the last one.
  • 36:35 in.
  • 41:56 in.

    One of my favorite episodes; the acting from the two guest-star leads and interaction with each other in very enjoyable, as well as the exchanges with Mr. Chapel.

    Dr. Alan Walker: "He did it AGAIN!"

    Mr. Chapel: "You oughta have that mole looked at," stepping out the shower K.C. is in, from hiding from the police.
    K.C.: "It's a freckle."

    "Eden" ("good" sound)

  • 2:05 in.
  • 3:07 in.
  • 5:58 in.
  • 13:43 in.
  • 16:29 in. It continues after the commercial break.
  • 26:16 in.
  • 29:01 in.
  • 33:22 in.
  • 38:01 in. It continues after the commercial break.
  • 39:36 in.
  • 43:36 in.

    Another one of my favorite episodes.
    9:45 in: That whole scene is the kind of example of the way the character did things, that I just really enjoyed.

    Mr. Chapel: "You don't have anymore problems; they all belong to me now."

    J.J.: "You're gonna hit me again, aren't you?"
    Mr. Chapel: "Yes, yes I am, J.J."
    J.J.: "Why?"
    Mr. Chapel: "Well, when I was a kid I ... I lost a toy pony and I'm still mad."

    J.J.: "You, ah, visiting somebody, or you just passing through?"
    Mr. Chapel: "Business."
    J.J.: "Oh, yeah? What kind?"
    Mr. Chapel: "I sell diapers."
    J.J.: "Make a good living?"
    Mr. Chapel: "Well, J.J., it's been my experience that, ah, there's an awful lot a wet little butts out there that need wiping."
    Mr. Chapel: leading J.J. on, "You know, J.J. - you have any idea how much I love killing women?" laughs, "I mean, I wouldn't even hurt a dog, and my minimum price for a guy is ten thousand dollars. But women - free. Same goes for cats. There's anything more fun than killing a woman, it's killing a cat," laughs some more, "Yeah, you know one time, this friend of mine, he had this dancer that was bothering him, and he wanted me to, ah... well, you know. Anyway, you know what show she was in? Cats!" laughs harder, "That was a good day. I'll never forget it. She had a little fuzzy outfit on, with the whiskers and everything..." laughs some more, "Oh boy, you know - sometimes I think my best days are behind me.

    "Bitter End" (muffled sound)

  • 1:43 in.
  • 3:27 in.
  • 7:52 in.
  • 15:10 in.
  • 24:00 in.
  • 24:48 in.
  • 27:29 in.
  • 34:15 in.
  • 38:42 in.
  • 44:45 in.

    Special note to the acting of Tobin Bell, who've I've noted before. A very effective creepy killer, who also has the "look".

    Pam Broder: "Hello?" answering her cellphone.
    Teddy Hix: Oon the other line, "You two make a cute couple."
    Pam Broder: "It's him, he's watching."
    Mr. Chapel: Aafter taking the cellphone from Pam, "Hey there, Ted."
    Teddy Hix: "I'm gonna give you a choice: stay and die, or go and live."
    Mr. Chapel: "Oh, come on now - that's not very nice. Let me ask you a question, Ted; you ready? Here it is: do you have an innie or an outie?"
    Teddy Hix: "What?" confused.
    Mr. Chapel: "Your navel, Ted. I'll tell you why I asked. I've been doing some reading and they say men with outies like to cross-dress and bake pies. Does that sound like you?"
    Teddy Hix: "So, I guess I'm killing you," hangs up.
    Pam Broder: "Let me guess - you were destabilizing him?"
    Mr. Chapel: "That was a very legitimate survey."


  • 4:21 in.
  • 7:35 in.
  • 11:46 in.
  • 12:54 in.
  • 16:19/17:57 in.
  • 22:52 in.
  • 24:41 in. and after the commercial break.
  • 33:25 in.
  • 38:50 in.
  • 41:35/42:22 in.

    In this crap episode, the writers mixed up character names from a prior episode, "Eden".

    Mr. Chapel: "The shortest distance between two points, is a fist full of cash."

    Mr. Chapel: "Gulch, open the door," as over half a dozen skin-head Nazi prisoners approach.
    Conner Gulch: Looking at Mr. Chapel through a small window in the Solitary Confinement entrance door, "I don't think so."
    Mr. Chapel: "Redemption..." opens the door rigged from shutting with the Nazi brochure, "You flunk!" grabbing and tossing Gulch in with the Nazi's.
    Conner Gulch: "Chapel! Chapel!" banging on the door.
    Mr. Chapel: Tosses the brochure over his shoulder, walks to the wall alarm button and stops momentarily before hitting it with a fist, "I shouldn't have to work this hard."

    "Ambition" ("good" sound)

  • 4:23 in.
  • 5:39 in.*
  • 8:15 in.
  • 9:54 in. That exchange right before the cue begins, is even more creepy if you watch the whole episode; it becomes a double entendre.
  • 17:07 in.
  • 21:37 in.
  • 37:34 in.

    * = Cinemasins voice: "Real life conversation in the Ted Kennedy household makes it into the script!"

    K.C.: "Two million dollars; where'd you get it?" looking at Chapel load a briefcase with money.
    Mr. Chapel: "I got a paper route."

    Mr. Chapel: "It's been my experience that two million dollars usually leaves a person somewhere in between giddy, and stupid."

    Mr. Chapel: "Women are funny. I'm still trying to figure them out myself."

    Eddie Faragut: "You're a liar."
    Mr. Chapel: "Oh, my goodness -- that's terrible."

    "Security" (muffled sound)

  • 14:47 in.
  • 23:19 in.
  • 29:52 in.
  • 31:27 in.
  • 37:52 in.
  • 40:18 in.

    [Remembering his time in El Salvador]

    Colonel: Remembering his time in El Salvador, "Have you ever been beaten half to death by wooden rakes?"
    Mr. Chapel: "I sat through 'The English Patient'."

    "Dishonorable Discharge" (good sound; the volume is a little low)

  • 16:43 in.
  • 18:34 in.
  • 28:04 in.
  • 30:53 in.
  • 43:34 in.

    For the guys here: 13:02 in. You're welcome.
    Wish that was me switched out for Mr. Chapel.

    K.C.: "You mean he actually thinks he hired you? Like he's a regular client?"
    Mr. Chapel: "Well, he thinks he's innocent; that's the funny thing about people. Everybody thinks they're the good guy. They're just waiting for somebody to come along and agree with them."

    "Noir" (in Russian?)

  • 6:10 in.
  • 27:10 in.
  • 35:40 in.
  • 40:33 in.

    Mr. Chapel: "He sold me a bad rug. I'm really angry about it," carrying a large rug he just dragged down some stairs with an unconscious man, with help.

     Posted:   Aug 1, 2019 - 11:53 AM   
     By:   Justin Boggan   (Member)

    Continuing SEASON 1:

    I don't like using multi-part videos, but it's either this or using loads in another language, which I only did with "Noir" because that's the only way to see it (some rights issue with that episode prevents it from getting up in English).

    Part 1: (missing part of the opening)
    Part 2:
    Part 3:
    Part 4:


    Part 1:
  • 3:06 in.
  • 4:14 in.
  • 8:09 in.

    Part 2:
  • 1:09 in.
  • 7:54 in.
  • 9:38 in. Continues into Part 3.

    Part 3:
  • 2:32 in.
  • 7:02 in. I just love when he plays around with this nine-note theme in plucky fun ways.
  • 8:06 in. Continues into Part 4.

    Part 4:
  • 3:03 in.
  • 5:49 in.

    Gifford Marshall: "This is an official IRS investigation. What's your name?"
    Mr. Chapel: "I'm Gumby, dammit."

    Otto Carson: "Mr. Chapel, I don't, ah, want to get emotional about this, but I think this is important that you know: the Internal Revenue Service is thee least corrupt, most efficient tax gathering organization in the world."
    Mr. Chapel: "Take it easy, Otto -- I'm ... getting all misty."

    Mr. Chapel: "Usually when I go to see a chick, it's not to handcuff her. I mean, maybe sometimes."

    K.C.: "Quick question."
    Mr. Chapel: "Yes?"
    K.C.: "Are you Satan?"
    Mr. Chapel: "No."
    K.C.: "Just checking."

    Part 1:
    Part 2:
    Part 3:
    Part 4:
    Part 5:


    Part 1:
  • 0:00 in. The music for the new pre-credits scenes.
  • 3:31 in.
  • 6:24 in.
  • 7:29 in.
  • 8:38 in.

    Part 2:
  • 1:26 in.

    Part 3:
  • 1:45 in.
  • 4:24 in.
  • 6:07/9:10 in.

    Part 4:
  • 1:16 in.
  • 5:42 in.
  • 9:00 in. Continues into Part 5.

    K.C.: "I'm going straight to Hell."
    Mr. Chapel: "Maybe just to heck."

    Joseph Budnick: "So what are you, some kind of cop?"
    Mr. Chapel: "I'm just a guy who gets up every morning. I look around and I see people like you, and it makes me kind of sick. You all look the same, you're all greedy, full of yourselves, and I wonder if there's a big dome someplace where they grow you."

    Part 1:
    Part 2:
    Part 3:
    Part 4:
    Part 5:


    Part 1:
  • 2:00/3:24/4:21 in. I know I rarely say it, and just 'cause I don't doesn't mean it's not applicable in other instances of TV shows, but that opening was so well scored and really created a dark mood.
  • 9:22 in.

    Part 2:
  • 3:34/4:38 in.

    Part 3:
  • 3:26 in.
  • 6:43 in.

    Part 4:
  • 2:35 in.
  • 4:35 in. And the cue after the commercial break.
  • 8:58 in.

    Part 5:
  • 0:00 in.

    Mr. Chapel: "Are you out of your mind?" looking at two million dollars shredded.
    Mr. Chapel: "Yeah. I am. Completely."

    K.C.: "It's bad. Really bad."
    Mr. Chapel: "Now, don't exaggerate. They'll walk again."
    K.C.: "Yeah, with canes."
    Mr. Chapel: "It'll make them look debonair."

    Mr. Chapel: "Hey, c'mon, you haven't lived until you've had a horse tranquilizer."

    Mr. Chapel: "Somewhere along the line, your values took a tumble. What do you think it was? Drugs? Hookers? Maybe it was those free tickets to the Ice Capades?"

    Part 1:
    Part 2:
    Part 3:
    Part 4:
    Part 5:


    Part 1:
  • 8:17 in.

    Part 2:
  • 2:34 in.

    Part 3:
  • Nothing. I've left the links since this is the only way to watch the TV show.

    Part 4:
  • 7:03 in.

    Part 5:
  • 0:15 in.
  • 2:17 in.

    Mr. Chapel: "Will you, ah, help me put this on?" picks up a straight jacket lying on the bed.
    K.C.: "Finally, something that makes complete and total sense."

    Mr. Chapel: "You should be a shrink."
    K.C.: "You should be a patient."

    Part 1:
    Part 2:
    Part 3:
    Part 4:
    Part 5:


    Part 1:
  • 5:07/603 in.
  • 7:07 in.

    Part 2:
  • 0:18 in.
  • 4:28 in.
  • 9:01 in.

    Part 3:
  • 2:48 in.
  • 4:07 in.

    Part 4:
  • 4:54 in.
  • 8:05 in.

    Part 5:
  • 1:40 in.
  • 2:11 in: the special McNamara Paper Products, Inc. music.

    Part 1:
    Part 2:
    Part 3:
    Part 4:
    Part 5:


    Part 1:
  • 1:02 in.
  • 6:46 in.

    Part 2:
  • No score in this part.

    Part 3:
  • 4:05 in. Latin music with the nine-note theme over it.
  • 5:28 in.
  • 7:10/8:02 in.

    Part 4:
  • 2:24 in.
  • 5:38 in.
  • 7:33 in.

    Part 5:
  • 0:32 in.
  • 1:28 in.
  • 1:39 in.
  • 2:58 in.
  • 4:46 in.

    Guest-starring James Avery and Ken Jenkins.

    Judge Christopher Washington: "You're not going to try and make me care, are you counselor? 'cause that's gonna irritate the hell out of me, and it's only nine o'clock in the morning."

    Mr. Chapel: "My love can take strange forms."

    There is only one episode remaining, but like "The Visitor", I'm dragging it out another day to draw interest.

     Posted:   Aug 2, 2019 - 8:45 AM   
     By:   Justin Boggan   (Member)

    Finishing SEASON 1:

    Part 1: (loads are a little muffled)
    Part 2:
    Part 3:
    Part 4:


    Part 1:
  • 2:01/5:15/7:12 in.
  • 8:08 in.

    Part 2:
  • 0:20 in.
  • About 2:10 in.
  • 5:32 in.
  • 5:55/6:17 in.

    Part 3:
  • 4:12 in.
  • 8:14 in. Continues into Part 4.

    Named after the show "Friends", which was destroying it in the ratings department.

    Mr. Chapel: "In a world of chaos, wrinkle-free shirts keep me sane."

    Mr. Chapel: Dictating a fake memo sent fro ma boss of a company, "Thee, ah, subject of the memo is: Dress Codes. In order to promote a more work-friendly environment, female employees will be required to raise the hem of theirs skirts to an attractive level. All portly and matronly women disregard this notice."

    Moving on to the 1960's...

     Posted:   Aug 2, 2019 - 8:48 AM   
     By:   Justin Boggan   (Member)


    No other composers were found on ASCAP or BMI.

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    (If I missed a thread, let me know!)

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